New Overwatch Character Skin Sparks Political Controversy

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Written by Gage Fenwick

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Overwatch is an online multiplayer game where players choose from a number of characters with varying skill sets, form teams, and fight for objectives and missions. As of January 27, 2017, the online game has garnered over 25 million players across all platforms. The game offers a number of extra features including spray art, player icons, character emotes, character voice lines, and the very coveted character skins. Every character has their own backstory and some have their own comics produced by Blizzard Entertainment.

On May 1st, Blizzard will be releasing new features for players to find in loot boxes. One of these will be a new skin for the beloved character D.Va. The young character is a gamer from South Korea who pilots a mech tank that has given her the ability to join the ranks of Overwatch. This new skin is a police theme, giving D.Va a South Korean law enforcement uniform and giving red and blue lights on the mech.

The majority of players are always excited for new skins and features, but there were some that voiced their outrage. On a Tumblr post, one individual created art showing D.Va in a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt directly in response to the new D.Va skin.

Overwatch has prided itself on being a very inclusive game with character backgrounds from all walks of life. There are characters young and old, LGBT, on the autism spectrum, and so on. With the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement in response to police brutality across the United States, it is not surprising to see political outrage to Blizzard’s release. This event will most likely blow over fairly quickly, but will remain interesting to see how Blizzard Entertainment responds.

What is your opinion on the situation? Should Blizzard stay politically correct and remove the skin or create new features to appease all political beliefs?

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  • bd1143bc✓ᴷᵃᶠᶠᶦʳ

    93% of black homicide deaths are cause by other blacks. Black males make up about 6% of the US population but commit over half of all violent crimes. #BlackLiesMatter The police aren’t the problem.

  • Matthew De Alve

    Have they forgotten that D’va is a Korean and it fits her character as a protecter of her country. Also this a game based on an alternate reality wherein robots ravage the world.

  • Jon Davis

    Come on, guys, don’t give these BLM idiots an audience with articles like this.