North Korea Fires Four More Missiles


Monday, according to the Associated Press, Pyongyang successfully tested four intermediate range missiles from its west coast across the peninsula, and into the Sea of Japan. This action, of course, is forbidden by the various world governments and has incited anger and frustration from regional neighbors. North Korea has become more defiant in the face of a President Donald Trump, who the DPRK regime perceives as a more belligerent figurehead at the helm of its greatest foe.

The United States’ near 30,000 locally stationed troops, along with South Korea’s military, conduct yearly drills that are known practice for a second Korean War. The North Korean regime has never taken kindly to the drills; Kim’s surrogates are already calling their tests a response to US-South Korea provocations. However, this time, the international community is bracing for a possible real response from the west.

The North Korean regime has been ramping up nuclear testing and ballistic missile testing in recent years, during Obama’s time in office. However, this action will be seen as a direct challenge sent from Kim Jong-Un to Donald Trump. Based off of his campaign promises, President Trump is expected to stand up to the Kim, and his response to these tests is highly anticipated.

US, Japanese, and South Korean officials have already set to the airwaves in a flurry of “disavowing” and “condemning.” It is believed that the Obama administration conducted routine cyber attacks the DPRK missile program, an act which President Trump is sure to continue at the very least. But it seems that cyber attacks aren’t stopping this arms race and sanctions have been played out. North Korea is boldly working towards intercontinental missiles that could strike anywhere on Earth. Will Donald Trump take a combative turn or keep a cool head?