Oddsmakers Put Tom Brady Above Gary Johnson for 2020 Race

Written by Grant M. Deltz

Associate Editor – Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz

CBS Sports reports that the odds for the 2020 presidential election are looking very, patriotic. I make that horrible pun because the star quarterback of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, has been given 100-1 odds to become president in 2020. The 2012 and 2016 Libertarian nominee for president, Gary Johnson, has been given 500-1 odds. Even Jill Stein opened up with 300-1 odds.

I’m not sure if you should read too far into these statistics, as Michelle Obama has been given 12-1 odds and Kanye West is at 100-1.

An interesting one, Kevin Spacey, or Frank Underwood to some House of Cards fans like myself, has been given 150-1 odds.

As if 2016 wasn’t crazy enough.

  • Boulder Commonsense

    Obviously this early on they start with numbers pulled out of thin air until there is more data and bets to base an assessment on. However I’m not sure why the statistics seem any more crazy than past years, even if unfortunate. I’m not sure why odds given for Michelle Obama in particular should give someone pause about the statistics, when there have already been some public calls for her to run that I’ve seen. That suggests the author might perhaps not have learned the lesson yet that unfortunately currently in the US: celebrity matters more than substance, and that partly due to that there is a tendency towards political dynasties of those who are famous due to a family connection to existing celebrity politicians.

    We just had saw one former first lady ride on the coattails of her husband’s political success to almost become president, just as we’ve seen nationally “royalty” like the Kennedy family and the Bushes where others build on the fame of the prior celebrity political family members.

    We saw high profile football player Jack Kemp turn into a prominent Congressman, turned Housing Secretary turned VP candidate. We already had former actor Reagan elected president, Schwarzenegger elected governor of CA, actors in Congress like Fred Grandy, Fred Thompson, Al Franken, pop singer Sony Bono elected to congress, and now a president whose fame is partly based on reality TV. It seems questionable that out of hundreds of millions of people (or within individual districts, at least large numbers) those celebrities were actually the most qualified.

    We live in a crazy world so some of the statistics are unfortunate, but they may make some sense as first guesses.