Ouch! Crowds Left Early While Obama Was Speaking At Event

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President Obama’s low approval ratings finally had their public manifestation on Sunday, after crowds of people attending a speech left early.

Obama was speaking at a rally for the Democratic candidate for Governor in Maryland. Most candidates from his party have chosen to avoid being seen with him, considering how unpopular the president is right now. “There are no excuses. The future is up to us,” Obama said. 

For most of the crowd however, their future involved a head for the exist.

As the president spoke, Yahoo reported that a steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium. The Daily Caller noted that liberals on Facebook were marking the story about the president as SPAM.

From the Daily Caller: 

Facebook’s spam policy states you can receive a spam warning “because you sent messages that other people reported as spam or engaged in behavior other people found harassing, even if you didn’t mean to. We don’t allow people to send threatening, sexually explicit or harassing Facebook messages.”

Nothing in the story, written by Reuters, could be deemed harassing, threatening, or sexually explicit, leaving only that “other people reported [the story] as spam.”

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  • 豐 Piotrek Nowacki 豐

    ‘For most of the crowd however, their future involved a head for the exist.’

    I believe the word you were looking for was ‘exits’ 🙂

    • GTP

      The basic errors of this “article” drove me nuts.


    That’s funny, people would rather correct grammar than correct the 2 party weak democracy duopoly we’re enslaved to.