King Of The Jungle: An Exclusive Interview With John McAfee

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly or Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy Hardly any figure today is more interesting than that of software pioneer John McAfee. So interesting, in fact, that his adventures are soon to hit the big screen. The upcoming film King of the Jungle starring Johnny Depp is soon to begin production,

Feminist Explains Why She Left the Social Justice ‘Cult’

Earlier this week, one of our readers shared with me a Medium story written by Keri Smith, titled “On Leaving the SJW Cult and Finding Myself.” A feminist and co-founder of Whitesmith Entertainment Inc., a talent management company, Smith explains her decision to abandon the Social Justice movement. It’s one of the more honest and

Why America Has a Generation of ‘Little Men’

There’s a lot of talk these days about the problem with young, uninspired, and allegedly lazy males. According to Pew Research, this problem is evident in the fact that young men ages 18 to 34 are more likely to live at home with a parent than are young women of the same age. According to

Fashion and Politics, The Collision of Two Worlds that Birthed a Market in North Korea

Hardly any inside of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea know what truly lies outside their world which guards itself from foreign eyes. With hardly any communication and extremely limited trade and tight sanctions, it’s a wonder how markets still operate. Markets that could bring voluntary interactions between cooperating individuals, form friendships, exchange goods and

Bill Nye’s Doomsday Predictions on Overpopulation Get Lambasted [VIDEO]

Bill Nye has been in the news a lot lately, mostly as the result of the hyperbolic predictions he is prone to making, many of which are backed up with very little science. Whether it’s on gender identity, global warming, or philosophy, Nye can often be found serving up “a gold mine of fallacies, half-truths,

Teacher Licensure Laws Are Keeping Some of America’s Top Educators Out of Schools

My homeschooled children take weekly math classes with a gifted teacher who has been teaching math to kids for more than 30 years from her cozy city home. After receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), she decided that offering math tutoring and enrichment classes would enable her

Chelsea Manning is Free and… Tweeting

At long last the Story of Chelsea Manning is coming to a close. Wednesday, May 17, 2017 was Chelsea’s last day in federal custody, after her ridiculously lengthy sentence was commuted by President Obama in the later days of his presidency. The situation is still a complex one. The story that started in 2010, when

Why Did Comey Say Nothing if Trump Asked Him to ‘End His Investigation’

Headlines everywhere are declaring that President Donald Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to “end his investigation of Michael Flynn.” The headlines appear to derive from memos Comey took after meetings with Trump—meetings Comey felt were “improper”—as well as anonymous sources who claim to have seen the memos. The evidence of Trump’s possible obstruction, which

Guerrilla Protest Projects Message on Trump Tower; Trumps Law Enforcement

Written by Todd Jo Contributor Artist Robin Bell has been setting up a light projection installation across from the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC from his mobile platform, a van.  The “guerrilla light protest” projects phrases right over the entrance of the hotel. Notable phrases include, “PAY TRUMP BRIBES HERE” and “EMOLUMENTS WELCOME.” Both phrases reference a

‘Shattered’ Reveals the True Villains of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

The 2016 presidential campaign was supposed to end with something being shattered.  And it did.  It just didn’t end with the sort of shattering that Hillary Clinton had long had in mind. Poised to bring that proverbial glass ceiling crashing down, Ms. Clinton instead presided over the smash up of her White House dreams. Perhaps