Watch Thomas Sowell Destroy Feminism & Racialism In Under 5 Minutes

World-renowned free market thinker Thomas Sowell is an economist, social theorist, philosopher and author. In 1981, Sowell appeared in a televised debate on a show called Firing Line, featuring William Buckley. This epic debate puts Sowell’s free market philosophy to the test. Dr. Sowell is questioned by Harriet Pilpel, a lawyer and feminist activist who

Watch Elizabeth Warren Run Like Hell From Question About Israel

Senator Elizabeth Warren ran like the devil was chasing her from a question about the invasion of Gaza by Israeli Defense Forces.

Video Shows IDF Targeting Hamas’ Terror Tunnels, Civilian Casualties Mounting (GRAPHIC)

Last night the Israeli Defense Forces issued a ground invasion of the tunnels which Hamas terrorists have been using to attack the Jewish state from. The IDF released a video this morning of a bomb blast in the tunnel, which showed a rocket discharging and proving that the tunnels were being used for militant activities.

Tim Mcgraw Bitch Slaps Woman Who Grabs His Crotch

A woman at a Tim McGraw concert grabbed country singer Tim McGraw’s crotch and got slapped in the face. The woman was escorted out of the show after the incident, but people are asking whether or not McGraw went too far in defending himself. What do you think?

Cops Kill Man On Camera In NYC: “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”

NYPD officers killed a man who they accused of selling untaxed cigarettes after he just finished breaking up a fight between two men. The incident was caught on camera as cops choked him to the ground and slammed his head to the pavement, causing seizures which resulted in his death. From the Daily News:  “I

Ron Paul: “Zionism Is Based On Two Basic Principles: Independence & Self Reliance”

Congressman Ron Paul was interviewed by Jack Hunter on his thoughts about the Jewish state of Israel. Paul was asked about his views on Zionism and the right of Israel to defend herself. Paul stated that: “Zionism is based on two basic principles: independence and self-reliance.”

MSNBC Anchor Gets Called “Dumbass” Live On Air

MSNBC Anchor Krystal Ball was pranked by a caller into the show who called her a “dumbass.” Indeed Ball is not very smart. She’s the anchor who said that Animal Farm was a tale of capitalistic greed. She’s also the one who said that Detroit is a libertarian paradise like Somalia.  

Video Purportedly Shows Moment MH17 Flight Crashes In Ukraine

A video was released that purports to show the moment that flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine. The passenger airliner reportedly carried about 295 people and was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it went down. Reports claim that either Ukrainian military or separatists shot it down but neither side has claimed any responsibility. From

NBC’s Arabic Reporter Witnesses Israeli Strike That Killed Kids, NBC Has Different Anchor Report It Instead

A strike from an Israeli gunboat mistakenly killed four children on a beach in Gaza yesterday. NBC News reporter Ayman Mohyeldin witnessed the event firsthand, having just played soccer with the boys only a little while earlier. Strangely, NBC News decided not to have Mohyeldin report the event, switching to NBC News correspondent Richard Engel

Video Released Shows Police Violently Executing 4 Men, Including Their Own Informant

MIAMI DADE – Police officers were caught on camera in 2011 shooting four men, including their own unarmed informant in a sting gone wrong. Violent surveillance video shows the officers firing over 52 times into the men. The officers were cleared of all charges. From NBC6: Miami-Dade County has never witnessed anything like it –