Jon Stewart Pokes Hillary Clinton Over Her “Dead Broke” Comments (FULL INTERVIEW)

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive King of comedy Jon Stewart teased former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over her comments that she was “dead broke” when she left

Irony: Feminists Tell Men To Keep Their Legs Closed And Put Some Clothes On

  Jamie Utt, from Change From Within, is a declared pro-feminist male dedicated to enlightening other men of their male entitlement and misogyny. His recent article “10 Ways Men Can Combat Sexist Entitlement in Public” which was republished on Every Day Feminism, is intended to make men aware of their privilege and entitlement in society.

This Hilarious Personality Chart Shows What Type Of Philosophical Buttmunch You Really Are

Someone created a beautiful chart using the Meyers Briggs personality scale to rank what kind of philosophical buttmunch you really are. The chart is a hilarious satire which shows the different types of people you share your personality type with.   Of course, people in the know understand that the Meyers Briggs test, although extremely

Man Opens Fire On News Crew During Report

DETROIT, MI – A man who was a burglary victim opened fire on a news crew who were investigating the incident. The 88-year-old man had been shoved around and violently robbed earlier. When the news crew arrived, they clearly identified themselves, but the old man was in no mood. He opened fire from ten feet

Family Calls Ambulance For Family Member, Police Arrive & Shoot Her

SAN MATEO, CA – A special needs woman was killed by police after they responded to a 911 call from her family asking for medical assistance. The family says that the 18-year-old woman named Yanira Serrano had special needs, and all they wanted was for help from paramedics. Police are disputing the family’s story. From

Chris Matthews Believes Rand Paul Will Beat Rick Perry For GOP Nom in 2016

On his show Hardball last night, Chris Matthews argued that Senator Rand Paul is the better bet to win the GOP candidacy in 2016. Matthews is responding to the foreign policy debate in the GOP with Texas Governor Rick Perry attacking Senator Paul as an isolationist. Matthews compared the foreign policy debate in the Republican

This Conservative Tweets About How Libertarians Are “Jewish,” “Fags” Who Want America To Get Nuked (NSFW)

Conservative columnist for Breitbart Pat Dollard is known for stoking controversy, usually for inciting people to murder muslims wholesale. But this time he’s set his sights on libertarians.  This comment was pretty strange. Is he hating on gays, Jews and libertarians? Or just gays and libertarians? This one is just blatantly untrue. I mean, I

Lewd, Nude Couple Arrested For Making Love Burrito On Roof Of Chipotle

A Delaware couple was arrested and is facing charges of lewdness and indecent exposure after getting caught having sex on top of a Chipotle restaurant. Police reported that the couple refused to stop doing the horizontal guacamole after being ordered to cease and desist. When they learned they were under arrest they finally fled, but

Incredible Up-Close Footage Of Israeli “Roof Knocking” Technique Captured

A video has been uploaded of up-close footage showing the Israeli’s controversial “roof knocking” technique. The strategy is to drop a bomb on a building without any heavy ordinance inside, in order to scare the inhabitants into leaving the building, and presumably save lives. After a short period, a very real, very high-explosive weapon is

Cop Pulls Over Speeding Cop Who Outranks Him… Violent Hilarity Ensues!

A police officer in Miami pulled over a car for speeding. The driver turned out to be a lieutenant in plainclothes who shoved the door open after refusing to give his license, leading to a violent struggle. The two officers battled with one another for a while until three other Miami cops piled on to