This New “Women Against Feminism” Blog Has The Most Awesome Photos

A new blog called “Women Against Feminism” has created some funny and some poignant memes. Here  are of the some of the best. Isn’t it funny how this works?   Not that you have to say nice things about men of course. Still, this next photo probably gets to the heart of the matter. Or if not,

Arab Children Play Game Of “Let’s Get Shot In The Back Of The Head!”

Post by ‎محمود ملحم العقيدي‎. Arab children were lined up against the wall to play a game of “let’s pretend to get shot in the back of the head.”

This One Chart Shows What The Different Schools Of Economics Think

Business Insider published a chart today that breaks down the different schools of economic thought. The graph shows the differences between their methods and approaches to subjects concerning the social science. It even includes the Austrian School, which is characterized by many famous libertarians such as Nobel Prizewinner F.A. Hayek and Ludwig Von Mises. The

Savage Kitty Attack Traps Couple In Bathroom, Forced To Call Police

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Teresa Gregory and her husband James were forced to lock themselves in their bathroom after being savagely attacked by their house cat. The couple received cuts and scratches all over their arms and legs as the fierce feline attempted to murder them wholesale. The Florida woman claims she accidentally stepped

DOJ Investigates Allegedly “Racist” Float In 4th Of July Parade

The Department of Justice has begun an investigation into a 4th of July parade float that was deemed racist. The DOJ sent a member of its community service relations team to Norfolk, Nebraska after a float that showed a zombie standing outside an outhouse which read, “Obama Presidential Library.” The Nebraska Democratic Party claims that

‘Dead’ Girl Wakes Up At Her Own Funeral

A video from the Philippines shows the funeral of a little girl who woke up in the middle of her ceremony. An attendee noticed that the girl moved her head while in the coffin and a quick check of her pulse revealed that she was still alive. From the Philippine Star: [Police Senior Inspector Heidil]

Crowds Celebrate As Rockets Fly Into Israel

Footage emerged from Hebron showing people cheering as rockets fly towards the state of Israel. The video shows citizens celebrating as rockets fly out of Gaza towards cities in the Jewish state. Meanwhile, the Israeli “Iron Dome” defense system has been highly effective at shooting down rockets launched by terrorists. A citizen uploaded a video

Gigantic Boa Constrictor On The Loose In New Jersey

An enormous boa constrictor is on the loose in Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey. Animal Control agents are warning people to keep their children out of the water. “You don’t want to touch it. You don’t want to go towards it. You don’t want to threaten it. It’s not going to come at a person

Video Shows Organized Attack On Southern Border

Post by Survival Magazine. Video has emerged of an organized raid that coalesced just south of San Ysidro. The rioters clearly documented the raid, likely for propaganda purposes. Border Patrol agents spotted what appears to be hand-selected mix of people. One man who was well dressed in the crowd appeared to be leading the group.

Woman Attacks Pro-Life Activists: “No uterus…no right to talk about it!” “Racist! Sexist! Privilege!” (NSFW)

A team of pro-life activists were assaulted and screamed at by a woman who got in their faces and yelled: “No uterus… no right to talk about it.”