Father Publicly Whips 13-Year Old Girl For Disappearing For Three Days: “You 13 Hoe!”

Post by Jiggy Papi. A video is going viral which purports to show a concerned father whipping his 13-year-old daughter with a belt. The father shouts “You 13 hoe,” as he unleashes on her with repeated whips with the belt. The girl in the video allegedly disappeared for three days and he is trying to

Student Caught Sneaking 20,000 Euros In Her Panties To Allegedly Give To Syrian Rebels

A London-born student named Nawal Msaad was caught trying to smuggle 20,000 euros in her underwear to rebels fighting in Syria. Msaad was reportedly trying to get the money to her husband, who is a terrorist fighter trying to overthrow the government of Assad. Msaad checked in for a flight at Heathrow airport but was

8-Year-Old Boy Charged With Sexual Conduct With His 14-Year-Old Babysitter

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – An 8-year-old boy was charged with sexual conduct with his 14-year-old babysitter after the two were caught engaging in a sexy game of truth or dare. Prosecurots claim that while the babysitter initiated contact, the young boy willingly participated. Prosecutors have dropped the case against the boy, but the mother

Airplane Drops “Fish Bomb” To Repopulate A Lake

You must be familiar with planes dropping bombs, but you probably have never seen one quite like this. A video was released from Utah of aerial fish restocking efforts by conservationists in remote areas. The fish being stocked are cutthroat trout and are put there for recreational fishing purposes.

Cop Executes ‘Pit Bull’ (A Black Lab) That Barked At Him Through A Half Closed Window

An Idaho police officer claims that he shot a dangerous pit bull that actually turned out to be a black labrador. The officer shot the dog because he claimed the animal lunged at him, but the dog was in a car with the window rolled halfway up. The dog was shot in the chest through

Woman Who Slit Cop’s Throat On Camera Gets Acquitted

A homeless woman who tried to murder a cop by slicing his throat is acquitted after her lawyer successfully argued that she wasn’t really trying to kill the officer. The western Vermont woman was acquitted in less than two hours by the jury because she claims she was just trying to scare the officer and

This Comment From Obama About Republicans Shows Just How Childish The President Is

President Barack Obama visited Colorado today and was asked what he thinks about building bridges to his Republican opponents. His response?  This is how the President “builds bridges,” with a backhanded compliment about how Republicans aren’t ALL terrible. Some of them must love their families right? Not exactly a page out of “How to Win

Meet The Pizza Delivery Guy Who’s Running For Senate As A Libertarian

Sean Haugh is a pizza delivery guy and the Libertarian Candidate running for Senate in North Carolina. He’s actually getting quite a bit of the vote percentage according to recent polls. The senate race is pretty close there, with Democrat Kay Hagan taking on Thom Thillis. A lot of people think that Haugh is going

Who Does Israel Belong To? This One Awesome Cartoon Details The Historic Struggle!

Someone made an awesome musical video that details the bloody history of the Middle East. In it, the artist recreates the struggle of the native tribes that have historically fought and died over the land in the modern state of Israel. The artist who created it, Nina Paley, created a helpful chart to list all

Officer Searches Vehicle Because He Mistakes An Old French Fry For Marijuana

A police officer searched a man’s car after claiming he smelled weed. “I smelled weed in the car…I see something in the back seat,” the cop said. Sadly, the man allowed the officer to search his car. “I let him search my car after he claims ‘he saw and smelled weed’ because I knew I