This Comment From Obama About Republicans Shows Just How Childish The President Is

President Barack Obama visited Colorado today and was asked what he thinks about building bridges to his Republican opponents. His response?  This is how the President “builds bridges,” with a backhanded compliment about how Republicans aren’t ALL terrible. Some of them must love their families right? Not exactly a page out of “How to Win

Meet The Pizza Delivery Guy Who’s Running For Senate As A Libertarian

Sean Haugh is a pizza delivery guy and the Libertarian Candidate running for Senate in North Carolina. He’s actually getting quite a bit of the vote percentage according to recent polls. The senate race is pretty close there, with Democrat Kay Hagan taking on Thom Thillis. A lot of people think that Haugh is going

Who Does Israel Belong To? This One Awesome Cartoon Details The Historic Struggle!

Someone made an awesome musical video that details the bloody history of the Middle East. In it, the artist recreates the struggle of the native tribes that have historically fought and died over the land in the modern state of Israel. The artist who created it, Nina Paley, created a helpful chart to list all

Officer Searches Vehicle Because He Mistakes An Old French Fry For Marijuana

A police officer searched a man’s car after claiming he smelled weed. “I smelled weed in the car…I see something in the back seat,” the cop said. Sadly, the man allowed the officer to search his car. “I let him search my car after he claims ‘he saw and smelled weed’ because I knew I

SHOOTOUT! Store Owner Fights Off Armed Bandits With His Gun, Gets Tiny Flesh Wound

It’s only a scratch! A store owner in Brazil fought off two armed bandits with his pistol, scaring them off and luckily receiving only a tiny graze. The security cam footage shows two robbers breaking into a store when all of a sudden the owner shows up with his gun, ready for action. One took

This Photo Shows Why Some Animal Rights People Just Can’t Take A Joke

A hilarious photo that someone uploaded of a prank they pulled on their cats is going viral. The picture features a group of cats sitting around a kiddie pool with their food in the middle of it. Everyone knows cats hate water, so it’s obviously meant to be a funny joke, but some people just

EXCITING! New Australian Senator’s First Speech: “I am proudly what some call… a LIBERTARIAN!”

New Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm gave his first speech to the senate this morning. In it, he proudly calls himself a libertarian, quoting John Locke and declaring that the only role for government is to protect life, liberty, or property. Calling himself a “classical liberal,” Leyonhjelm says the he doesn’t know enough to tell others

Police Dog Escapes, Bites Woman, Officers Refuse To Pay Medical Bills

A Colorado woman was pulled over for a minor parking infraction when the officer’s dog suddenly escaped and ripped into her arm. Alexis Albanese suffered a severe bite, infection and $15,000 worth of medical bills from the incident, but the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s office is denying any responsibility for the bills.

Hamas Commandos Emerge From Sea & Are OBLITERATED By Israeli Air Strikes

A group of Hamas commandos attempted to infiltrate Israel by sea yesterday. A video from Israeli Defense Forces shows the men emerging from the ocean only minutes before Israeli airstrikes wipe them off the map. “Earlier today, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the sea near Zikim. We neutralized them,” the IDF said.

This Black Comedian Says Black People Can’t Be Racist, Just Whites

Black comedian Paul Mooney says that black people can’t be racist. White people can though. Know why? Watch!