This Little Girl’s Plot Against Her Brother Is Game Of Thrones Worthy

A woman on reddit posted a picture of a list that her daughter drew. The “to-do” list reads like something out of a horror novel about an evil little demon girl. Take a look at some of her things she plans to do after her little brother “disappears.”

WATCH: This F-16 Nearly Chops Off A Bunch Of People’s Heads!

A Turkish F-16 did a fly-by at a RAF air show and it nearly chopped these people’s heads off!

This Poster Shows Why Governments Think Women Are Weaklings & Don’t Want People To Get Laid

“Help me I’m a girl!” this latest ad campaign seems to say, as it tells men not to harass women on the metro by doing things such as: “asking where you’re from or, “masturbating.” Oh gee, thanks for the tip! I’m sure that a sign is going to stop people from whipping it out on

Man Arrested For Soliciting Future Porn Stars At County Fair

File this one under: WTF? A man in Pleasonton, California was arrested after he was caught soliciting young girls to enter the porn industry. Aarob Gimbert was caught handing out business cards to teenagers offering contracts and signing bonuses to girls who called him when they turned 18. Gimbert was attending the Alameda County Fair

EMBARRASSING! These Americans Can’t Even Pass This Super Easy Citizenship Test! Can You?

The Immigrant Archive Project released a video that shows Americans struggling to answer even the most basic questions from the U.S. citizenship test. With the immigration crisis on the border, this video is perfectly timed to see if many people with strong views on immigration can put their money where their mouth is. Could you

Obama Just Posted The Stupidest Facebook Status Ever About Hobby Lobby

President Obama’s official Facebook page just weighed in on the Hobby Lobby decision and the results are just as stupid as you would expect. Of course, nothing in the Hobby Lobby decision has anything to do with employers making health care decisions for their female employees. This is just blatant pandering to the president’s base.

Man Saves Trapped Bear Using Giant Claw

A man in Wisconsin filmed himself rescuing a trapped bear using the claw of a timber forwarder. This one goes out to you, Mr. Save A Bear With A Giant Claw Guy!  

This Is What The Postal Service Thinks About Your Packages

A postal worker was caught on video throwing packages over a cliff. I guess they didn’t feel like delivering them? This apparently happened in Birmingham, Alabama and the head of the USPS crime investigation united said that the employee resigned after the video surfaced. Remember this event from last year?

This One Photo Shows What Many Muslim & Conservative Christians Have In Common

Militant nationalism is usually reserved for the national socialists of the world. But every once in a while Islamic and Christian conservatives really mirror each other in their love for god and country. This one photo seems to symbolize the similarities between the militant conservatives of both the Islamic and Christian world. Don’t you agree?

“Cop Fishing”: Police Set Up Revenue Collection Trap

The Somerville Police Department set up a revenue collection trap at a crosswalk and issued tickets to drivers who disobeyed the signs. Citizens recorded an undercover police officer walking back and forth across the crosswalk so they could keep writing tickets to people who drove through without stopping. Obviously the people were breaking the law,