Hamas Commandos Emerge From Sea & Are OBLITERATED By Israeli Air Strikes

A group of Hamas commandos attempted to infiltrate Israel by sea yesterday. A video from Israeli Defense Forces shows the men emerging from the ocean only minutes before Israeli airstrikes wipe them off the map. “Earlier today, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the sea near Zikim. We neutralized them,” the IDF said.

This Black Comedian Says Black People Can’t Be Racist, Just Whites

Black comedian Paul Mooney says that black people can’t be racist. White people can though. Know why? Watch!

The Top 5 Reasons Why FDR Sucked As President

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself… and historians lionizing the suckiest presidents in American history. If you love big government, war, socialism and bailouts, then Franklin Delano Roosevelt was your man. But, if you believe in economic freedom and personal liberty, then FDR was a horrible president. Still, he did an

This Pornstar’s Quote About Obama & Higher Education Has SERIOUS Libertarian Cred

Miriam Weeks, AKA “Belle Knox” is a pornstar with some serious libertarian cred. She’s become a Young Voices Advocate, and is working with Students for Liberty to advance free market ideas on college campuses around the world. Check out her quote below.   She recently penned an op-ed for Time Magazine where she took the

Wal-Mart Thought This Nazi Death Camp Poster Would Look Great On Your Wall

Wal-Mart has apologized after they posted an advertisement for a poster featuring a sign that hung over a Nazi concentration camp. The poster read “Arbeit Macht Frie,” which means “work will set you free,” and was featured hanging at the entrance of the famous Dachau death camp during World War 2. Wal-Mart’s website stated that

This One Photo Shows Why Some Animal Rights Activists Are All Kinds Of Stupid

A woman who saw a picture of famous director Steven Spielberg posing with a fake triceratops from his movie Jurassic Park thought it was from a real hunt. What she said will convince you that humanity is pretty much over and done with. Maybe someone needs to remind Penelope that the Triceratops has been extinct

This 2-Year Old Amputee Was Told He Wouldn’t Live, Now He’s Teaching Himself To Walk!

Little Kayden Kinckle was born with a defect that required his right foot and left leg to be amputated. But despite the fact that his doctors told his mom he wouldn’t survive, the brave boy decided to live and is working hard to walk with the assistance of a new walker. Even though it’s hard,

The ACLU Is Asking Why This Police Department Needs Grenade Launchers

The ACLU of Massachusetts asked a question to their Facebook followers about why a local police department needs grenade launchers. “West Springfield police have two grenade launchers – why?” they wrote.  Now, it’s important to note that the photo the ACLU posted does not show the actual grenade launchers the police are using. West Springfield Police

This Video Shows How Government Stupidity Helped Make Americans Fatter & Sicker

Time Magazine recently produced a video about how the government’s war on fat has actually had the opposite effect that was intended. Americans are now sicker than ever before, despite big government publishing strict dietary guidelines about how to eat healthy. Now, a new research study shows just how wrong the government was. This video

This Woman Was Fired After Saying “Have A Blessed Day.” Now She’s Suing!

Polly Neace is suing her former employer U.S. Bank after she claims she was fired for telling her customers to “have a blessed day.” Her employer stated that there were several complaints over the two years she was saying it. U.S. Bank issued a statement that read: “At U.S. Bank we hold our employees to