BREAKING: Supreme Court Strikes Down Obamacare Birth Control Mandate

From the Dallas News: Update: 10:32 EST: And here’s the decision. The Supreme Court has handed a significant victory to opponents of Obamacare in ruling 5-4 that closely held corporations can’t be required to provide birth control coverage if doing so violated religious beliefs of their owners. But the majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito,

Bad News For Big Government! Supreme Court Rules Against Labor Unions!

In a 5-4 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that home-care workers in Illinois should not be required to pay dues to public employees unions. The opinion was seen as a devastating blow to public sector unions. The challenge has put the future viability of these unions at risk. Justice Elena Kagen stated that the

Belligerent Cop Changes Tune When He Realizes He’s On Camera

An Illinois Police officer was caught by a trucker speeding and using his cell phone during dangerous driving conditions. When the trucker blew his horn at the officer, the cop pulled him over to find out why. The police officer changes his tune when he realizes his traffic stop is being recorded. It’s a good

Boardwalk Bully Gets One-Punch Knockout

A drunk boardwalk patron in Atlantic City was terrorizing a cart salesman when he finally received his comeuppance.

Government Of Virginia Now Pays People To Keep Bees

A new government grant in Virginia is paying people to keep bees, up to $200 per hive. They’re doing it because “bees are essential to agriculture.” That’s true. So is water and dirt and lots of other things. Is this another perfect example of crony capitalism at work?

Katy Khaos vs. the Feminists on Child Support – Why Should Men Be Forced To Pay?

Katy Khaos joins Cathy Reisenwitz to discuss her recent video on feminism, as well as how she came to libertarianism, how she learned about feminism (Stefan Molyneux) whether spanking and child support are areas feminists get wrong, and what she’s working on next. Follow her YouTube channel Follow her on Twitter at @Katy_Khaos Learn some

This Real-Life Gunfighter Shot 5 Robbers In Self Defense

Real gunfighter Lance Thomas, a watch maker killed 5 gang members who tried to rob him. Special from the Justice Files.

Clever Dog Escapes From Kennel… Frees The Other Animals Too!

Strange things were happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when dogs were found wondering free in the night. They fitted CCTV and they found the culprit, a lurcher dog.

Dog prevents mother from hitting her child

ElNuevoDia is reporting on a video that shows a mother stopped from hitting her child with a shoe by a friendly dog. The animal doggedly gets between the woman and the child in order to stop the abuse. It shows a wonderful spirit of loyalty and compassion from animals.

Obama on Congress: “They Don’t Do Anything Except Block Me And Call Me Names”

President Obama gave a speech where he whined about not getting congressional support from Congress on raising the minimum wage. “They don’t do anything. Except block me. And call me names. It can’t be that much fun. It would be so much more fun if they said, let’s do something together. If they were more