Clever Dog Escapes From Kennel… Frees The Other Animals Too!

Strange things were happening at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when dogs were found wondering free in the night. They fitted CCTV and they found the culprit, a lurcher dog.

Dog prevents mother from hitting her child

ElNuevoDia is reporting on a video that shows a mother stopped from hitting her child with a shoe by a friendly dog. The animal doggedly gets between the woman and the child in order to stop the abuse. It shows a wonderful spirit of loyalty and compassion from animals.

Obama on Congress: “They Don’t Do Anything Except Block Me And Call Me Names”

President Obama gave a speech where he whined about not getting congressional support from Congress on raising the minimum wage. “They don’t do anything. Except block me. And call me names. It can’t be that much fun. It would be so much more fun if they said, let’s do something together. If they were more

Pageant Winner Stripped of Crown Because She’s Too Old… At 24!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre was stripped of her crown because she’s too old… at 24 years old. The rules of the pageant states that the contestants must be between the ages of 17 and 24. But since she’s turning 25 in October, she’ll

This Chart That Shows IQs According To College Majors Might Upset Some Females

A chart released by Randal Olson broke down people’s average intelligence based on their college degree & gender. Apparently the more female-dominated a college major is, the lower the average IQ of the students studying the major. From Randal Olson’s blog: IQs are typically classified as follows: 130+: Very superior intelligence 120-129: Superior 110-119: Above average 90-109:

This Simple Diagram Shows How A Libertarian Is Different From a Republican Or Democrat

Someone made a beautifully simplistic diagram that breaks down the difference on issues between libertarians, Republicans and Democrats. Share it with your friends if they’re confused about just what it means to be a libertarian.

Live-in Nanny Refuses To Work Or Leave The House

A California family is stumped on what to do over a live-in nanny who refuses to work or leave the house after being asked to leave. Claiming “protected tenant” status, the nanny is arguing that she is a legal resident of the home and will only leave if she is properly evicted. The family has

Kindergartner Pulls Pants Down On Playground, Punished For “Sexual Misconduct”

SURPRISE, AZ – A 5-year-old boy was accused of sexual misconduct after he pulled his pants down on the playground. Erica Martinez is complaining that the school is seriously misguided in marking the child’s permanent record with such a harsh disciplinary procedure.  

Father Burned His Daughter Alive Because She Walked Home From School With A Boy

A Tunisian man was arrested and accused of murdering his daughter for walking home from school with a boy. The girl, Aya, succumbed to burn wounds on June 7th of this year and was believed to be victim of a “honor killing” by her father. “The father has been arrested since the incident occurred,” said

Man Rips Into Police Officers Who Just Shot His Dog (NSFW Language)

A man whose Weimaraner dog was shot by police on his own private property just uploaded a video of him ripping into the cops who did it. Police claimed to be looking for a missing child (that was found at home in his basement) when they entered the man’s property and shot the dog.