Little Girl Writes To Google Asking For Her Dad’s Birthday Off, Guess What They Replied?

One little girl wrote a letter to her Dad’s job at Google asking for his birthday off. Guess what they replied? The letter reads: “Dear google worker. Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off. Like he can get a day off on wednesday. Because daddy ONLY gets

Cutest Little Girl Ever Foils Burglary!

“They got it back because of me being a superhero!” A four-year-old girl named Abby helped police track a burglary that turned out to be her babysitter. “Wednesday was the worst day in my life.” “The bad guy stole my kitty bank, they stole my iPod,” Abby said. When the investigators arrived, Abby told the

Comedian Takes Aim At Dr. Oz’s Bogus Weight Loss Supplements

John Oliver outlines what is problematic with Dr. Oz and the nutritional supplement industry. Oliver invites George R.R. Martin Steve Buscemi and the Black and Gold Marching Elite to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.  

Unbelievable Video! Father & Daughter Chase Down Burglars In Car!

A father/daughter crime fighting duo released an incredible video of them chasing down thieves that had burglarized their home. The Houston man was arriving home with his daughter when they saw the robbers leaving their house and decided to give chase. The robbers apparently didn’t like being pursued because they turned around and rammed the

Wal-Mart Absolutely CRUSHES New York Times Hit Piece

Wal-Mart issued a scathing rebuttal to a hit piece from the New York Times which crosses out the inaccuracies and fact checks using red ink. The blistering blog post starts out like a teacher writing to a student with, “Tim, thanks for sharing your first draft. Below are a few thoughts to insure something inaccurate

Deputies Drag Woman Out Of Vehicle For Attempting To View Their Name Tag

Bana Mouwakeh was arrested and charged with battery and resisting arrest when she attempted to flip up a San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy’s name badge to see it after she was pulled over for speeding. The deputy, Agustin Rosas Verion, said he had to drag her out of the car and handcuff her because otherwise, she

CBS: Food & Energy Costs Soaring, Inflation Is “Potential Problem”

A segment on CBS analyzed the rise in the Consumer Price Index which looked at the soaring costs of food and energy. The CPI recently showed that meat prices have increased 7.7%, while fruits and vegetables have gone up 3.2%. Acknowledging that inflation is a “potential problem,” the segment discussed the impact of inflation and

Rand Paul on Iraq: “I’m not willing to send my son into that mess!”

In an interview in CNN, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was grilled over the crisis in Iraq and whether if, as president, he would send American troops to defend Iraqi cities from ISIS. Senator Paul divided the issue between the twin crises in Syria and Iraq, and debated the notion that the president should be acting

Crying Dog Demonstrates Why The Troops Should Come Home Now

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend, and this one sweet dog shows us why when she demonstrates just one more reason why it’s a good idea to bring our soldiers home.

Top 5 Animals That Look Like Rand Paul’s Hair

Did you like our list of the top 20 hottest libertarian men and women? WE KNOW YOU DID! You know how we know? Because: Anyway, now that the fun is over, we’ve decided to take it up a notch. Rand Paul got crowned one of the hottest libertarian men this last week and boy were