Deputies Drag Woman Out Of Vehicle For Attempting To View Their Name Tag

Bana Mouwakeh was arrested and charged with battery and resisting arrest when she attempted to flip up a San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy’s name badge to see it after she was pulled over for speeding. The deputy, Agustin Rosas Verion, said he had to drag her out of the car and handcuff her because otherwise, she

CBS: Food & Energy Costs Soaring, Inflation Is “Potential Problem”

A segment on CBS analyzed the rise in the Consumer Price Index which looked at the soaring costs of food and energy. The CPI recently showed that meat prices have increased 7.7%, while fruits and vegetables have gone up 3.2%. Acknowledging that inflation is a “potential problem,” the segment discussed the impact of inflation and

Rand Paul on Iraq: “I’m not willing to send my son into that mess!”

In an interview in CNN, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was grilled over the crisis in Iraq and whether if, as president, he would send American troops to defend Iraqi cities from ISIS. Senator Paul divided the issue between the twin crises in Syria and Iraq, and debated the notion that the president should be acting

Crying Dog Demonstrates Why The Troops Should Come Home Now

Dogs. They’re man’s best friend, and this one sweet dog shows us why when she demonstrates just one more reason why it’s a good idea to bring our soldiers home.

Top 5 Animals That Look Like Rand Paul’s Hair

Did you like our list of the top 20 hottest libertarian men and women? WE KNOW YOU DID! You know how we know? Because: Anyway, now that the fun is over, we’ve decided to take it up a notch. Rand Paul got crowned one of the hottest libertarian men this last week and boy were

Top 7 Stupid Feminist Quotes Of 2014

Feminists are on the march in 2014 and boy, do they hate due process and the presumption of innocence! They’ll do anything to overturn centuries of settled law and jurisprudence. Why? CAUSE THEY HAVE FEELZ! Here’s a list of some of their feels that they feel out loud. Only their feels are actually dangerous as

Stephen Colbert declares war on Dick Cheney’s testicles

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive “He is definitely hiding something down there,” said Colbert

20 Of The Hottest Libertarian Men Alive

Things got a little heated around here yesterday when we released our list of the 20 Hottest Libertarian Women Alive. Some people called it rude, some people thought it was sexist, but luckily most people thought it was cute, funny and great publicity. One of the major complaints was the order of the ranking, but

Sean Hannity Gets Upset With Rand Paul For Not Blaming Iraq On Obama

In an interview on Fox News, Senator Rand Paul declined to blame the crisis in Iraq squarely on Obama. Senator Paul claims that the Iraqi government has to take responsibility for itself at some point and that they demanded that we leave. Hannity doesn’t appear happy that Paul declined to support a prolonged occupation in

Man Thrown In Jail After Pooping His Pants In Courthouse

Ronald Strong had a terrible accident at the Portland federal courthouse which resulted in likely one of the crappiest days of his life.