Bullied Teen Finally Snaps, Stabs His Bully During Fight

A 14-year-old boy stabbed another classmate after reportedly enduring repeated bullying from him. Noel Estevez reportedly had almost committed suicide from the abuse and when the bully confronted him the other day, Estevez finally snapped and stabbed the bully to death.

Hillary Clinton: I support a ban on “assault weapons”

Hillary Clinton on her book tour took a strong stance against so-called “assault weapons” as part of a push for more gun control legislation. “Yes, we need to thrash this out in the political realm,” Hillary Clinton said. “But the vast majority of Americans, even law-abiding gun owners, want background checks that work. Information that

20 Of The Hottest Libertarian Women Alive

So this lame conservative website made a list of the 20 hottest conservative women in new media. In it they listed a bunch of women that we KNOW are not conservatives and BOY were we pissed! Listen conservatives, we know you like to think that libertarians are your dorky little retarded cousins or something, but we’re

Store Clerk Cooly Pulls Pistol And Blasts Armed Thief

Two thieves attempted to rob a Quick-Stop in Youngstown, Ohio last May. But a quick-thinking (and quick on the draw) clerk pulled his pistol and made short work of one of them. One of the thieves was wounded by the clerk while the other fled. Luckily both were captured later in the evening with only a

Police Officer Arrested After Capturing Dog & Slitting Its Throat

Baltimore Police Officer Jerry Bolger is in jail after capturing a missing dog and cutting its throat. “Unfortunately, at some point after that dog was contained with use of the dog pole, one of our officers used a knife and cut the dog’s throat,” said Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere of the Baltimore City Police.

Top 10 Things Libertarians Are Tired Of Hearing

If you’re a libertarian, you’re probably accustomed to hearing the same tired old arguments from big government types all the time. It’s like they never learn! But still, many of these myths and tropes still persist, even in the face of mountains of evidence that has shown that the more free a society is, the

Man Told To Remove American Flag Because It’s Considered Threat To Muslim Community

According to Duy Tran, he was told that he had to remove an American flag from his balcony because it was a “threat to the Muslim community.”  Tran said, “What really stunned me is that she said it’s a threat towards the Muslim community. I’m not a threat to anybody.”

Megyn Kelly SLAMS Dick Cheney: “History Has Proven You Wrong”

Fox New Host Megyn Kelly held former Vice President Dick Cheney’s feet to the fire on the issue of the destabilization of Iraq. “Time and time again, history has proven that you got it wrong as well in Iraq, sir,” Kelly said.

Eric Holder: People Need To Be “Brainwashed” About Guns

At a speech in 1995 in Washington D.C., now Attorney General of the Department of Justice gave a speech where claimed that young people needed to be “brainwashed” about guns. Although it’s an old video, it speaks to the mindset of the man that has presided over the Obama administration’s many scandals and has done

Cop Beats And Pepper Sprays 78 Year Old Man

NewsOn6.com – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – KOTV.com | “He come up there and said, ‘get back in the car,’ and I did. He wanted to see my driver’s license and he just started saying he was going to take me to jail and this kind of stuff. I hadn’t did