This is how they’re testing for people driving while stoned.

‘The [206]’ is a Seattle based sketch comedy television show that follows Saturday Night Live. Their latest sketch takes a look at potential new tactics by police in order to investigate whether or not drivers are high on marijuana cigarettes. In all seriousness however, Vice Magazine is out today with a new editorial called “Why

High School Blocks Access To Conservative Websites, Allows Socialist Counterparts

Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury blocks student access to sites like the NRA, CT GOP, and Right To Life, but allows access to their counterparts.

Kim Jong Un Rides Rusty Bucket In Display of Force

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has been in power for two years now and he’s been doing quite a bit of public relations to show what a great leader he is. The poor North Koreans have been suffering under the brutal regimes of his father and grandfather since 1948. Recently Kim Jong Un

Are Cats Libertarians?

Ever heard the expression “herding cats?” People like to use that phrase to describe libertarians because the philosophy is highly individualistic. And so are cats! But are cats libertarians? Well, have you ever tried to tell a cat to do something? There’s been some debate amongst the libertarian community, with some people arguing that cats

Crazy Gun Fights! Korean Merchants Understood What The 2nd Amendment Was For.

An older video from the 1993 L.A. riots is circulating and spurring discussion about the toughness of the Korean shop owners who bravely defended their lives and property during the chaos and looting. The Korean merchants can be seen in news footage wielding their sidearms and firing back at gang members who confront them while

Judge Napolitano: Looks Like IRS Has Willfully Destroyed Evidence

Fox News Sr. Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on “The Kelly File” to discuss the recent IRS scandal involving the alleged loss of important emails. Napolitano claims that the FBI can recover almost anything and there should be a way to find the emails, but that the IRS may have willfully destroyed evidence. “The

Big Oil Companies Evacuating Iraq, Biggest Refinery Under Attack

Exxonmobil and BP are carrying out major evacuations from the state of Iraq. BP has evacuated 20% of its staff while Exxonmobil is confirming a “major evacuation.” From CNBC:  Dhiya Jaffar also said ENI, Schlumberger, Weatherford and Baker Hughes had no plans to evacuate staff from Iraq following the lightning advance of Sunni militants through the country. The companies, which are

MSNBC: New Poll Is “Disaster For The President,” Public Saying “Your Presidency Is Over”

NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd reported on a new poll that is disaster for President Obama. The poll shows that a majority of the American public no longer believe that Obama is fit to lead and in essence are saying that his presidency is over.

Alaskan Women Drink So Much That They’re Putting Pregnancy Tests In Bars

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Starting in December, pregnancy tests will be available at Alaskan restaurants and bars in an effort to help curb fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s meant to make women think twice before binging on booze.

Ice Cube Says That Obama Haters Are Like Whites Who Don’t Want To Play With The Black Kid At School

Rapper Ice Cube was interviewed by Time Magazine recently and asked his opinion on what he thought about President Obama. Claiming that he thinks that “he’s done the best job a man in his position could do under the circumstances,” Ice Cube said that “Obama reminds me of the black kid at a white school