Anthony Scaramucci’s Boneitis: A Pressing Concern UPDATED

By Your Third Choice Follow on Twitter: @YourThirdChoice It has come to our attention that Anthony Scaramucci, recent appointee to the position of Director of Communications, might be neglecting a fatal illness. Based on the single previously recorded instance of Boneitis, we know the affliction to currently be incurable and terminal. From the encyclopedia of practical,

School District Nixes Homework for Thousands of Students as Expert Says It’s Basically Useless

The anti-homework trend is growing. It started with the teacher from Texas who banned homework from her second grade class, encouraging families to spend time reading, playing, and eating together instead. It spread to a New Jersey elementary school, where the principal and his teaching staff voted to be homework free for the 2016-2017 school

‘Hate Facts’ – Yes, People Are Now Using That Term

Written by Michael Liccione It’s commonly said that a fact is what’s expressible by a statement that is “proven” to be true—e.g. statements such as “2+2=4” and “the Pacific is the earth’s largest ocean”—whereas opinions lack proof even when they happen to be true. Yet in an era when more and more reality is weaponized for

That Awkward Moment When Libertarians Freak Out Over Boobs…

Written by: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly Follow on Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy Some of ya’ll need to calm your tits. It’s already bad enough the sperm count is dropping in the western world. Now we got folks that can’t handle boobs. I’m hoping we’re not doomed as a species. The way people

Trump’s Transgender Ban Has Nothing To Do With “Tremendous” Costs

When Trump announced this week, via Twitter and without conferring with the Department of Defense about specifics first, his intention to bar transgender individuals from military service, he did offer a rationale. He did not crouch it in moralistic or religious terms from some kind of social conservative worldview. He did not make a sociological

These 6 GOP Senators Voted to Repeal Obamacare in 2015—But Voted to Keep it in 2017

Six Senate Republicans who helped sink a ‘clean repeal’ of Obamacare this week had voted for a full repeal of the law in 2015. In 2015, eager to send a political message, the U.S. Senate passed a bill that would have repealed most of Obamacare’s regulations and taxes. The legislation garnered 52 “aye” votes, but

Death Extremely Common Near Clintons; Two More Bite The Dust

Written by  Your Third Choice Follow on Twitter: @YourThirdChoice There have been a litany of accusations leveled at the Clintons since the 90’s that, if believed, make the political careers of Bill and Hillary sound more like House of Cards plots than bureaucratic resumes. If it is true that “where there is smoke there is fire,”

The Repeal Question and National Healthcare Legislation: The Great Entitlement

Written by Keith Hanson Repeal and Replace? Maintain and Enhance? Or Repeal, Pause and Listen? For seven years one of the often-heard phrases in American politics has been, “Repeal and Replace.” This week, the Senate considered yet another procedural step on the circuitous path that the repeal and replace caravan has taken since the 115th

I, Xennial– The New Generation Born Between 1977 and 1983

An Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Melbourne, Dan Woodman, has created an entirely new generation by labeling and defining it himself. Depending on who decides which dates bookend generations, I’m either 1. A grey-beard millennial, one of the first of my kind, or 2. One of the youngest members of generation X,

Minnesota Public Schools Approve “Transgender Tool Kit”

The Minnesota Department of Education has adopted a resource for teachers to use in classrooms to support transgender and gender-nonconforming students. More than 200 supporters and opponents attended a meeting last Wednesday to share their thoughts. The guidelines were approved by the “School Safety Technical Assistance Council” by the end of the night. The 11-page