Pandering Pied Pipers and Mindless Rats: Breaking Down the Right’s Reaction to a Ban on Transgender Troops

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by David Fisher

Many people are familiar with the German tale of the Pied Piper, a colorful pipe player who enchanted rats to follow him around. According to folklore, he helped drive out plagued rats during an infestation in Hamelin in 1284. If you were familiar with the story, you know that he wasn’t actually good for the town at all, because the rats were just a symptom of the real problem, and the piper only cared about himself. Today, we have a plague in America and too many pipers.

Milo Yiannopolis is a colorful piper, able to enchant the worst rodents in our society and bring them out of hiding. He gives purpose, direction, and motivation to those who would normally keep their hatefulness to themselves. Milo plays a tune, shares a meme, gives some commentary, and the alt-right scurries out of the dark. He isn’t the only Pied Piper – conservatives like Tomi Lahren, Alex Jones, and Ben Shapiro, to name a few, make their living off of stirring up conservative rage.

They tend to share content that won’t change hearts or minds, that won’t change the conversation. Won’t bring peace, liberty, or sanity back to the equation. They use words that won’t fix a problem, they simply call out their rats, get their views and clicks, and collect their paycheck. The Pied Piper was also all about profit. He didn’t care about what was plaguing Hamelin. When the townspeople didn’t pay him a large enough reward, he played his pipe and led all of their children out to of town and into a river to drown.

Heroes don’t hurt people to make a living. These people should not be idolized by the right or by libertarians because they do not stand on principle. They change their tune often, but they are almost always singing a hateful one. They constantly reinforce the idea that half of the country is evil and encourage their following to throw firebombs. The rats stay enchanted, regurgitating hate, and calling for imprisonment and death on cue when the song is played.

The right claims to be loud and obnoxious to quell political correctness, but react with vigor to every bit of outrage porn put out by these pipers. It is ironic that snowflake gets thrown around so often by people who are triggered by everything. It isn’t just the right, however. Pied piping and mindless rats are a problem all over the spectrum. However, this article is in reference to the reaction to Trump’s transgender ban.

Milo posted a video of an angry transgender woman and made the correlation of her being too crazy and strange to be in the military – an obvious defense of President Trump’s royal decree. I won’t show the video, but to describe it, she was screaming in the bathroom mirror that she just wanted to be left alone. Although posting a rant in your underwear is probably not the best way to quell aggressive bigotry, the lady in the video did so, obviously enraged about online bullying and hate. Either way, her pain was a sweet song for the rats and out they came in waves.

Almost all cheered for Trump and Milo. Some made jokes, some called for all transgenders to be killed. Others said trans people were mentally ill and noted their high suicide rates, not realizing the irony of the effect their bullying would play by helping make a toxic joke go viral. Some made coherent arguments, but the overarching theme of Milo’s rats was a circle-jerk of, “We hate this person.”

The person in the video did nothing to the commentors. The person in the video was obviously in distress. The rats would not have otherwise said anything to this woman, had their piper not played a tune to come out and throw rocks at the freak-show. If they saw her in public, they would hide their hate and be polite. It is the piper who brings out the rat.

But does Milo hate transgenders? Does he want them to kill themselves, like his rats? Of course not, he just wants the money. Like the Pipe Piper of Hamlin, Milo does not care to cure a plague itself, who he enchants, or who drowns in the river. Milo is making bank.

As a libertarian, I believe that Milo should be able to say whatever he wants wherever he is invited to say it. But believing he should be free to openly hate people doesn’t mean you need follow him in doing so. Milo will continue to pipe for as long as he has rats who will listen. Instead of mindlessly walking behind these figures who seem to agree with a lot of what we do, conservative and conservative libertarians need sit back and think for themselves.

Do we hate transgenders? I don’t. If you do, then this article is not for you.

I am singling out Milo because this Pied Piper is a different – he was the target of the same rats he now plays songs for. Not five years ago, the same rats who wanted the black transgender in this particular video to die, wanted Milo to die for being gay. I’m old enough to remember when the right was fighting to exclude people like Milo in every way possible. Transgenders, to them, are strange people they are allowed to openly hate… because nobody wants to get caught being merely homophobic in 2017.

After years of ramped up bigotry, calls for government intrusion into the potty, and now open hate of our armed services, Milo is living fat off of the new enemies de jour. Immigrants, Muslims, and transgenders are evil and coming for your children. Because of course they are. But, ironically, had Milo piped about transgenders earlier this decade, he would have been lumped in with them.

The rats still hate homosexuals, but they only get to take it out on certain ones. If he didn’t play their songs, he would receive the same treatment as his targets. The same people who laud him for being a proud gay conservative are the same ones who hope proud gay liberals get thrown from buildings for having different views on Muslims.

To be clear, challenging and questioning ideas is healthy. Believing transgendered people’s medical treatements should not be subsidized or believing in certain restrictions to ensure we aren’t taking away from the military’s mission is noble. But Trump’s ban goes further. It is mean-spirited and discriminatory for political read meat only.

Outside of the direct and open hate that doesn’t represent all conservatives, I mainly hear three arguments in support of Trump’s ban:


Argument #1 (the confused libertarian)

“You should be happy trans people can no longer die trying to kill brown kids for oil!”

Justin Moldow of Liberty Hangout, and other many other Trump-loving libertarians, have argued that Trump’s decision is a great one because less people will have to fight in unjust wars for greedy tyrants, saving blood and treasure. While that would be a good thing, libertarians who have a tough time defending their god forget that he did not reduce troop numbers or budgets. Non-trans soldiers will fill those duty positions and there will be zero net effect to the evils of war.

However infantile the argument to save lives is, the main logical fail for libertarians is accepting state discrimination if you don’t like the institution or program. I doubt these phonies would support only banning Christian school teachers in an effort to save money. If they truly believed Trump did a good thing for reasons of wanting to save blood and treasure, they would also support a ban on Jewish or black soldiers. And since these are mostly alt-righters pretending to be libertarian, you’d think they’d want to ban straight whites and make the undesirables fight the wars, no?


Argument #2 (the cowardly conservative)

“Trump is right, their treatments cost too much money. We can’t afford it”

True. Even though most transgender people don’t seek treatment, everything the government funds with money they steal costs too much.  Personally, I do not want tax dollars going to elective surgeries. Transgender reassignment treatment is, in fact, elective. Nobody has died from being born with the wrong sex organ.

The argument that living without surgery inherently makes people suicidal is ridiculous to me. Trans people have been living in the wrong skin for infinitely longer than treatment has been available. Many people feel like they are living in the wrong body; if a cis-woman being born with wide hips makes her suicidal, the wide hips are not the underlying issue. If the transgender individual cannot live or perform the duties of their job without reassignment surgery or drugs, then they are in fact, unfit to serve.

I don’t care who gets what surgery, but forcing taxpayers to fund elective surgeries is immoral. Believe it or not, you can love someone and support their right to live their life the way they want without wanting to pay the cost.

But this is not the conservatives’ argument. It may be a valid argument, but it isn’t theirs. If it was their argument, they would say Trump’s cruel and politically motivated ban was wrong, with the caveat that gender transformation surgery should not be a tax payer burden. But by defending Trump and jumping behind hateful pied pipers, they are supporting the discrimination of troops who are actively serving and humans who want to defend their country.

No, you are not arguing for fiscal responsibility. You agree with Trump, who used our soldiers as a distraction and political poker chips for border wall funding. He is simply using these service people as pawns to spend more money. He has implied that people who fought in a war are not worthy of their own uniform for leverage. That’s what you are supporting.

Hailing fiscal responsibility, while arguing to discriminate on reasons not based on fiscal responsibility, is cowardice. Admit the real reason.


Argument #3 (ignorance or hate)

“They are mentally ill and therefore unfit to serve.”

Your ego, and lifetime’s worth of mental conditioning, has made you believe that you are superior in some ways to other people. Instead of trying to understand someone is different and figuring out how to exist peacefully in the same world, you parrot the lines of what other people use to justify bigoted opinions.

The APA doesn’t consider transgender as a mental disorder. But what do the experts who have devoted their lives to mental illnesses know? In 2017, people won’t trust anything that runs opposed to their current way of thinking. Milo’s rats won’t see anything from the APA because they generally listen only to those who make a living off of confirming biases and stirring up outrage.

“But the APA has a leftwing agenda! They used to consider gender-dysphoria a mental condition!”

Of course, they used to. But at one time, before 1973, Milo was considered mentally ill for loving cock. At one time, thirsty females were considered mentally ill (see: hysteria). We used to lobotomize these people because we didn’t understand them. Rational people don’t believe that was the right way to treat our neighbors back then. Our society has done a lot of regrettable things because of ignorance. Ignoring new information is NOT conservative.

The genetic fact is, not all males and females are made the same. Some men are born more masculine, or more feminine, than other men. Some women are born more masculine, or more feminine, than others. Every conservative has people in their life they love who are more or less feminine or masculine than what they consider “normal”. Fighting for love and liberty for transgenders, or any human that is different than you, doesn’t mean you have to believe everything they are saying. It only requires you stand for kindness and equal protection under the law.

Furthermore, and to address the current situation, nobody checked to see if I was mentally ill when I joined the military. There are many soldiers who are actually mentally ill serving today; many of them have problems because of their service. I don’t see any conservatives telling a ranger with seven deployments and PTSD that he isn’t worthy to wear the uniform.

And to address transgender suicide, the data strongly proves outside influences are the largest contributing factor. 76% of trans people feel strong social rejections, while nearly two thirds say they are victims of violence because of their identity. 57% of transgendered people who had unsupportive parents attempted suicide in 2012, versus 4% who say they have very supportive parents.

Yes, transgendered people have much higher suicide rates than the rest of us. But so do combat veterans. We should work to end stigmas and the causation of the problem, because both of those groups, like all humans, are not born suicidal.

Using this argument to support state discrimination can only be ignorance or hate. The only thing that makes all openly transgenders crazy, in my opinion, is deciding to live the way they feel in a world with people like this…

What happened to, “Respeck muh troops because they defend ur right to say it!!1!!?!”


Fuck the pied pipers, think for yourself. Hate isn’t going to make America great again.

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