Passing The Torch Of Liberty In America Today

By: Grant M. Deltz

Today in the United States we have a political duopoly that has remained fatal from the start. Libertarians currently face an uphill battle to inform the masses that there are more than simply two perspectives on our nation’s future. There are many aspects which Libertarians must assure the American people of, such as future prosperity, principled consistency, and a plan for growth among more topics.

Firstly, Libertarians must make striding efforts to differentiate themselves. Big money and special interest politics have never found a home with the Libertarian Party. Many voters are upset with corrupt politicians, and Libertarians agree. It is important to relate to this as well as to provide assurance and example of how Libertarian candidates are virtually 100 percent grass-roots supported. Libertarians run for the advancement of liberty while Republicans and Democrats run for the advancement of their personal political futures. Noting this is important to a voter who values authenticity.

Libertarian advocates also must entice the recognition of  individuality. It must be advocated that Libertarians believe that an individual owns their mind and their body and should make choices in their own lives provided that they do not impose these choices upon the lives others. Personal freedom is a modern-day delicacy that is now merely an illusion. It is important to remember that government should not imply the notion of regulating morality. This is a major side effect of the political duopoly pandering to the two artificially formed radical platforms in modern American politics. People now vote with emotion to protect their own morality because they fear that the other major candidate that they are voting against will put these morals at risk. This is important because Libertarians believe in protecting every persons way of life. No group or ideology should be positioned as a scapegoat for political gain. Libertarians understand this and fight for equal prosperity. We must reach out to disenfranchised social and religious groups for this reason.

To have the best impression on people, always retain respect for the viewpoints of others. Rather it be authoritarianism or libertarianism of which they identify with, there is always a way to lead others to see the light. Being respectful and inclusive of others is always appealing and will draw interest to libertarianism at the very least.

The Libertarian Party is growing with national media coverage sprinkled into the picture like it never was before. The masses are finally being informed of an actual third-party. However, there is never a reason to trust the main stream media to do anything of positive favor. It remains the responsibility of Libertarians to continue to advocate the principles and vision of which the party holds so dear. The future is very bright, and yet it all results from what is done today. This is more than a political party, for this is a movement. If this movement should ever become a living reality, it will be because the Libertarians across the country came together to advance the influence of liberty.