PC Culture Creeps into America the Beautiful at Super Bowl LI [VIDEO]


Sunday evening, tens of millions of Americans watched Super Bowl LI as the New England Patriots came back from a 25 point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in an overtime win.

Recently in America, there has been great political unrest. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of political action or commentary going on and it is spilling over into all aspects of life. Many thought it would spill over into the Super Bowl as many celebrities have spoken out against President Donald Trump and his policies. It could have presented itself through commercials, interviews, the half time show and so on.

While it was surprising that this didn’t happen on a blatant level, there certainly were twinges of opposition sprinkled throughout, though they largely would have to be interpreted by the viewer, and if one wasn’t privy to current events it might have gone completely unnoticed.

There was one possibly nod to the Women’s movement just before the game. On January 21, 2017, just one day after President Trump’s inauguration, a record number of women marched all over the world. They marched for number of reasons and most of those reasons were decided on an individual level although the official cause according to the Women’s March website is that women’s rights are human rights. The march was all over the media for quite a few days. People took to social media to express their support, or lack there of. There seemed to be something related to the march everywhere you looked for a short period there.

During the pre-game festivities, three female members of the cast of Hamilton took to the stage to sing America the Beautiful. An interesting twist was put on the end of the song: And crown thy good with brotherhood – and SISTERHOOD! – from sea to shining sea!

Do you think it was a nod to the Woman’s movement or simply taking a little artistic license in updating an old classic? Check out the video below!