PewDiePie Debunks the Wage Gap, Tempts WSJ… Again

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PewDiePie(Felix Kjellberg), the most subscribed content creator on YouTube and practical enemy of the Wall Street Journal, said last week he is tired of tailoring his content to anyone. Yesterday he proved how true that is.

In a video [watch original] more akin to that of a political commentator than a gamer/reactor, Felix took on an English political news segment who’s intent was merely to shame a Polish Conservative/Libertarian member of the European Parliament for his less than PC views. Specifically he was to be shamed for his explanation of the root of the perceived gap in the amount women and men are payed in the workforce.

The Polish dignitary, Janusz Korwin Mikke, is introduced by the Good Morning Britain host, Pierce Morgan, with an invitation to “explain to people in Britain, please, why you(Januzs Korwin Mikke) believe women should be paid less than men because they are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent.” Something Janusz Korwin Mikke immediately and vehemently denies, though possibly lacks the rhetorical grasp of English required to express, while under verbal fire.

As explained at the end of the video, Felix believes that although Januzs Korwin Mikke is woefully misrepresented by Peice, he still falls outside of the confused conversation. But Felix’s take on the wage gap might be even more enraging to progressives than the one he “defends.”

PewDiePie says, “He(Januzs Korwin Mikke) is saying, ‘there is a gender gap because of these reasons.’ Pierce Morgan is saying, ‘there is a gender gap, and you’re(Januzs Korwin Mikke) disgusting. And I’m saying ‘there is no gender gap, it’s been debunked several times’.”

The bait is set. PewDiePie doesn’t believe in the gender gap, political heresy.

Kjellberg even called out the Journal, as he’s done before, saying he should stop making “respecting women” a subject of his satire for fear of another hit piece from the publication.

To the chagrin of his foes in the media who have slandered his reputation with allegations of fascism, Pewds comes out of this video with a more empowered take on women’s rights than his detractors. Felix says to his, surprisingly large, female audience that he would rather hear “I am woman, hear me roar” as opposed to the acceptance of perceived relegation pushed by modern feminists.

Legally, intellectually, and morally, women are equal to men. Many people these days seem to be coming out in opposition to modern feminism because it requires the presupposition that women are disparaged against everyday through a system of micro-aggressions and are purposefully subjagated. To many men and women this is seen as infantalizing; a method of making women ever-dependent on the feminist movement rather than on their own strength.

Let’s see how long it takes for the WSJ to put this evil Nazi in his place once and for all… again.

UPDATE: The articles are already rolling in. “PewDiePie Defends Politician Who Believes Women Are Less Intelligent Than Men”

Gavin Hanson

Gavin Hanson

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Gavin Hanson
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  • The polish guy is correct. It’s not that people that are different SHOULD be paid different its that they ARE paid different. Looks, Intelligence, height, weight, and probably gender changes your chances. The thing that people dont understand is that everyone has equal opportunity but the sad reality is some have to work harder then others.