Police: Mother Helped Light Her Son Ablaze For A “Fire Challenge” Facebook Post (GRAPHIC)

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Janie Talley was arrested on suspicion of having helped light her teenage son on fire to post the video on Facebook, police say. Videos of teenagers setting themselves ablaze are going viral these days, with dozens of them cropping up showing people using all manner of combustible materials in order to burn up.

Police claim that the video shows the mother present and aware while her 16-year-old son poured nail polish all over himself and then lit it on fire. The victim sustained burns to the chest and neck area but was expected to recover.

‘[Talley] was present and aware of what her son (was) doing and facilitated the recording,’ police said in a statement.

Talley was arrested and charged with contribution to the delinquency of a juvenile. Facebook is now removing videos of these types of events. Several teenagers across the country have reportedly suffered second and third degree burns from making these videos.

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  • GTP

    Darwinism in action?

    • Georgie Boy

      depends on how badly his balls got burned

      • Nathanael Ginn

        Sadly, it doesn’t look like he will be getting a Darwin award.

        • KingAdrock

          He’d still be eligible for an honorable mention. Also you never know, the burn scars might be unsightly enough to at least *lower* his chances of reproducing,

  • Nathanael Ginn

    Unfortunately, I do not believe he will be getting a Darwin award…. People need to let natural selection run its course….