Police Shoot Seated Man At Traffic Stop, Aftermath Recorded Live By Girlfriend [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

By: Grant M. Deltz

Events like this are why Americans become terrified and paranoid when they see a law enforcement vehicle sharing the road with them.  The same reason as to why we feel threatened and scared instead of safe and protected. The police state in this country is out of control. So many Americans are rightfully blistering with hatred over the current state of law enforcement in the United States. Let it be written like this: This is the second time this week that we have seen a man of color being shot by the police unreasonably. This is an issue of racial profiling by police and is an issue of zero accountability and complete negligence of the police in the United States when it comes to fairly doing their jobs. It is sickening how suspects become victims because an officer is trigger-happy.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty? It seems that police prejudice is becoming increasingly prevalent in getting in-between Americans and their rights. When innocent lives are the consequence, there is absolutely no excuse. There must be accountability.

When will liberals push to take guns away from officers instead of civilians? They likely never will. In this video, the woman recording says that the victim, her boyfriend, was a legally carrying citizen with a license to conceal carry, who was reaching into his pockets to obtain his license and registration upon the officer’s request. The officer then apparently reacted to the man’s movements by shooting him. His status has not been reported by his hospital. How is a legally carrying American exercising their Second Amendment right a threat that deserves to be shot and possibly killed?

The video below should be watched at the viewers’ discretion: