Poll: Most Americans Want a Third Party… Seem to Forget LP Exists

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A recent poll by icitizen shows that of 1,176 respondents, 70% said the two current major political parties do not represent them well.

The poll mostly focused on the opportunity or need for change within, or possibly outside of, the Democratic party. Democrats (75%) and Independents (81%) were the most interested in looking outside the two party system for candidates. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the Liberty movement needs only to look to the left for new support.

According to one of the poll’s many questions, 29% of Republicans are “likely” to consider voting third party when President Trump runs for re-election in 2020. This is part of the huge, 58% of Americans who said they are likely to consider voting third party come the next election. When the wording is made more harsh the tally drops off, but not discouragingly. 32% said they were “very likely” to consider a third party option for president.

Even 32% dwarfs the less than 5% of the popular vote achieved by the Libertarian Party last year.

It certainly seems like the opportunity of 2016 was a lost one.

Of those who are dis-infatuated with the two party system, unsurprisingly, many are millennials. 84% of millennials polled said that they believed a third party is necessary to the american electoral system. 88% said they were in support of a viable third party being a part of the current two sided system.

All this attention being paid to third options is very good for the libertarian party and Liberty minded ideas in general, especially because it is being paid by the millennial generation. Millennials are on pace to be the most influential generation since the “baby boomers” and are probably already eclipsing their older contemporaries in numbers. This is not your typical groundswell of young support, this is a dynamic change in the topology of American elections.

But that’s the Presidential race. “What about the states,” I can almost hear the more practical, liberty minded, voters screeching. Well, icitizen covered that too. When it comes to state representation at the federal level a majority of Americans believe a spoiler party- a third party that makes single-party majorities impossible- in Congress would actually improve lawmaking, apparently seeing England’s parliamentary coalitions as a boon against the tyranny of a unified majority.

As if there need be any more salt in the wound the Libertarian Party calls “Nominee Gary Johnson,” now 69% of the country apparently would support “the establishment of a new political party to serve as a viable alternative to the two-party system.”

Like there isn’t one already…

Gary might have helped seed the necessity of a third party into the minds of Americans, because; to have so many Americans signaling, at least a desire to see a viable third party, is uncommon in American history. But, let’s face it, he didn’t make the party look entirely credible.

That being said, this is still remarkable progress. For our nation, for our freedoms, and for our neighbors who are crying for a third option; we must keep up the fight. We can be a viable opposition to the duopoly. We can take over this country to leave each other alone.

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  • RicM

    The LP blew an opportunity to be serious in 2016. Gary Johnson was not a serious choice. The funny thing is the millennial candidate for LP ticket was the best option to bridge the gap between millennials and Liberty minded voters from the RP. The LP better not blow it in 2018/2020.

    • bobby bobby

      That candidate is now in the Republican party. The best way to change things is to change the Republican party. it was once a party worth voting for and not just to keep the Democrats out of office.

      The liberty movement starts at the federal level in 2024 with Rand Paul. He will be our president I believe. 2020 will be another election cycle of Gary Johnson for the LP. I guarantee it.

      • RicM

        The best way is to educate millennials and the next generations about liberty. That’s where liberty movement starts.

        • bobby bobby

          Sure but colleges are leftist indoctrinated the best way to get people educated is to get liberty minded people in the Republican party so people know what Liberty is all about. Also people like Austin Petersen who have websites that will educate young people about liberty. However they have to know who the politicians are before they can get their website and material to them.

  • Ed

    Liberty minded people are not interested in political parties. They just want to be left alone.

  • bobby bobby

    Maybe if the LP marketed themselves better people would know.