Prankster Goes Into The Hood To Act Like He’s Taking Selfies, Barely Comes Out Alive

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An Internet prankster with Denniscee TV filmed himself going into the hood in New York and acting like he’s taking pictures of people, when he’s really just taking a selfie. After being assaulted several times, the young man learns a harsh lesson in what happens when you act like you’re taking pictures of people against their will.

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  • Shonna Hayes

    Why has it become acceptable to attack people physically? Even if he were filming them, what makes them feel that physical ASSAULT is okay?

    • Vitaliy Shtym

      because there are things that you don’t do, be fucking considerate and respectful and nobody is going to punch yo face

      • gager

        What is not allowed is assault. What part of the law is you don’t understand. Assault me and you might get shot.

      • Gilles Jacob

        Sorry, dude. Those violents thugs are the bad ones. You first speak and ask. All the one we see hitting first deserve jailtime. These are the things “you don’t do”.

        • Victor Velasquez

          I just want to put it out there, not everyone who confronted the prankster resorted to aggression, a couple even took it well(0:42 and 1:20). I honestly think when people watch these videos they forget to count and just ride a wave of fear.

    • Victor Velasquez

      It’s never okay, but it’s the hood, is anyone faintly surprised there are a few thugs that would destroy property or other people? No. Also, when someone video-records while in the hood, all activities are subject to display. Career criminals don’t want to allow someone to incriminate them in the future with damning video evidence. But people aren’t so uniform either, for example, the first aggressor was clearly angry at the thought of someone taking pictures of his girlfriend and possibly had no other compulsion other than the passions past the point of said thought. The Young Blood that broke the prankster’s phone and the weak slugger at the end probably didn’t want their alibis in jeopardy. This is why you don’t take the hood for a joke. Obviously, it’s still wrong to aggress, but it’s also still stupid to provoke the easily-provoked.

    • Jeromy Davis

      What are you some kind of a wuss? It hasn’t been acceptable, nor is it even today to physically attack other people.

      Thank God that Era of our nanny-stating is finally going away. People deserve a good slap or punch every so often to knock some sense back into them. Without fear of physical retaliation, people start to act stupid.

      • beefycrunchburrito

        yeah.. that worked out for trayvon

        • Jeromy Davis

          LOL. Now that’s funny!!

        • whargoul

          Travon was an idiot thug wannabe

          • Uncle Arty

            And your Hero Georgie is Broke and homeless Karma is a bitch and one day it will catch up with you

    • Slap_Upside_The_Head

      Think about it this way, reverse the roles- what if someone from the hood went to a nice residential neighborhood and did this… hood rats wouldn’t even make it out alive if they tried it where the best case scenario would be them being escorted away in the back of a cruiser.

    • Tim Wise

      It’s just niggers being their usual subhuman selves! The USA needs a race war and niggers need to relearn the lash and the noose!

  • Jesus Mary and Joseph

    hahahah if I wouldn’t get arrested id do this just to get assaulted and take I hit so I can hit those dumb hoodlums back.. unfortunately in a fight both parties get arrested

  • Legionarii

    We have similar problem here in Europe, that’s why extreme right wing parties are gaining ground. Sadly , in America, your problem will never go away.

    • Robert Russ

      Yeah, because the hood in ‘Merica they are all right wing. I formally change your name to Legionidiot.

      • 30SilverHorses&30GoldenKnights

        I can guarantee you that the last thing you will see “in the hood” is anyone who aligns with the “right wing”. Usually everyone “in the hood” are Democrats and Liberals. And, when you see a city with a “hood” then you know a Democrat is Mayor.

      • DenisetheCelt

        No. Because Whites in America have allowed themselves to become a total minority, and put no-Whites in power. Snap out of it.

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  • WhiteRabbit

    “Diversity” is code for chasing down white jobs.
    “Diversity” is code for chasing down white schools.
    “Diversity” is code for chasing down white neighborhoods.
    “Diversity” is code for chasing down Every. Last. White Person.
    “Diversity” is code for White Genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • DenisetheCelt

    It’s not Selfies tht drew the attacks. It’s Race. Why are you lying about his fact?

  • MarxistMangler

    Jungle animals.

  • Christina Mowatt

    Why do we feed this useless trash