Privileged Elitist Liberals In Austin Protest Trump While Houston Suffers

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Written by: Squiggly Line Guy
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I’m a firm believer in the Freedom of Speech, even more so than the Liberals in Austin who hit the streets to exercise it. Unlike Liberals, not only do I defend their right to free speech, but also the rights of those who Liberals disagree with, i.e. mine.

While I support your right to speech, that doesn’t clear you from criticism, nor does it undermine my ability to call people out for who they really are. If you’re attending an actual KKK rally, you should be called out as a white supremacist despite your right to speech. Likewise, if you’re protesting Trump from the safety of the Liberal Haven of Austin TX, a mere two and a half hour drive outside of Houston, you’re a Privileged Elitist Liberal.

The following Tweets were posted by @JohnSavageTX, a journalist who was present in Austin:

According to John Savage, an estimated 200 people showed up to protest Trump upon his arrival at the Department of Public Safety.

By protesting standards, that’s not a whole lot of people. By impact standards however, these are people who could have made a huge difference to people in Houston had they had their priorities straight. The amount of power that individuals are making in Houston is enormous.

The following Facebook post was made by Pat Coleman Spangler:

“So Babycakes and I are driving home tonight and I pass this loaded down truck pulling a trailer full of water and supplies that says Texas or Bust spray painted on it. I tear up a little, my heart starts pounding , and Babycakes said let’s do this!!! Something in me took over and I got the truck to pull over on the new Adrian exit. I found out they were on the way to help with the Texas disaster and I told them I wanted to buy their dinner and asked if they needed anything else. Baby Formula was the response and after bonding over tacos at Flaming Lantern we headed down the baby aisle at Walmart. I sent them on their way with various forms of 3 kinds of formula, baby ” swimmers” in different sizes, and apple and blackberry cobbler to go. We are now FB buddies and I’m going to follow their adventures… these 2 guys are former military and had some down time at work and just decided to do this. They had great financial support from their job and should be commended for doing this. What a great couple of guys! So glad I found you Zach Garretson and Matthew Mahler! God speed…”
These aren’t people who live just outside of Houston like the elitist Austin TX folk. These are people driving on the road for hours all the way from Missouri carrying a trailer full of supplies. This effort was crowd sourced, using the donations from people made to them online to buy supplies in Missouri and deliver to Texas. These are just two people traveling all the way from Missouri, while 100 times as many people are lined up on the cozy dry streets of Austin protesting Trump.
Some may call it luck. I call it privilege. If the hurricane missed Houston and hit Liberal Austin instead, the same people would be traveling from out of state to help you, while you held SOS signs instead of F*ck Trump signs.
People very near to you have lost everything, while you get to comfortably protest a visit from President Trump while wearing dry and casual clothing. You have the right to do this, but not the right to be coddled or shielded from criticism. You are privileged. You are elitists. You care more about making a statement than you care about your neighbor. You could have been raising money or donating supplies, but protesting Trump was more important.

While you stand on your comfortable soap boxes in Austin less than three hours away, people who live nowhere near are driving for hours upon hours to provide relief to the people of Houston. People who are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and for the goodness of humanity. People who are filling needs faster than your precious government can. But hey, at least you said “F*ck Trump” today, right? At least you can feel good about that, right?

For the rest of you, if you want to do some real good for volunteers, please donate to Liberty Coalition For Disaster Relief to help real people making a real difference while elitists hang their protest signs in their dry and undamaged homes.

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