The Homosexuality Issue is Behind the Republican Party

By: Kevin Enilc

There is an emerging trend in the Republican Party since Peter Thiel’s empowered speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Homosexual conservatives are coming out of the woodwork for the first time ever, and loudly, proudly declaring their gay and political pride.

After the Party’s first openly gay speaker in 25 years went in front of the RNC and spoke about conservative values, gay pride, and American pride; the Republican delegation gave him a standing ovation.

Even more exciting, gay conservatives are blowing the liberal and progressive social engineering agendas out of the water. The recent changes to the Republican Party platform have made it seem like the Republican Party is not inclusive or that it is even intolerant, but the party members’ actions in Cleveland proved this false time and time again.

Even the Republican Party’s largely divisive and frequently labelled bigoted or racist standard bearer, Donald Trump, is pro-gay rights. The gay advocacy wing of the Republican Party, the Log Cabin Republicans, are even considering endorsing him.

Liberty-minded Republicans and Conservatives should be proud this year for such an extraordinary victory  towards homosexual acceptance in the Conservative movement. In an election year so plagued with turmoil for liberty lovers, it’s a small reminder that liberty has never looked so good.