Protester Sets Himself on Fire Outside of Trump Hotel [PHOTOS]


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A man was rushed to the hospital in Washington D.C. with burns across a third of his body after setting himself on fire outside of a Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave NW. The man reportedly came to Washington D.C. from California to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump.

A construction worker who was a witness to the incident stated that he heard the man saying Trump’s name angrily as he poured an accelerant on his clothes and lit himself ablaze. Another witness as well told NBC News that it was an act of protest over Donald Trump. Hotel employees called 911 around 9:30pm EST and police and firefighters responded to the scene.

The man has not yet been identified, but he is expected to survive. It is also not clear if he was drunk.

The Daily Mail has released the following two images from NBC4 DC. A police source also told The Daily Mail that the man has not been arrested.


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