Rachel Dolezal Culturally Appropriates a New Name

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Written by Crystal Byrd

Rachel Dolezal made famous for “identifying” as a black woman and becoming the president of the NAACP’s Spokane, Washington chapter and a part-time professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University, before being outed as an undeniable whitest of the white girls. Though she no longer is chapter president she’s been keeping busy writing a new book and one can only assume attempting to advance the agenda of people everywhere who identify as a race different than that of their birth.

Little Rachel is all grown up and wants the world to know that not only is she black, her new name is Nkechi Amare Diallo, having roots in the Igbo language out of Nigeria meaning  “what god has given” or “gift of god”, according to The Daily Mail. While some may find her decision ironic, offensive, or ridiculous, she is certainly opening doors and shedding light on what must be a long hidden subculture in America. She continues on in the face of adversity giving hope and support to marginalized people everywhere- no longer will you be confined to the race indicated by your skin color.

Author’s Personal Note: I find this turn of events exciting and positive as I can finally feel comfortable coming out as my true identity. I am an Avatar. From here on out I would greatly appreciate if you would respect my Na’vi heritage and cultural traditions. If you see me shoving my tentacled tail in someone else’s face, please don’t intervene or look disgusted, I am simply attempting to bond with an attractive potential mate and an improper reaction would make you look most intolerant.

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