Rand Paul’s Copy Machine Takes to Twitter


Written By Squiggly Line Guy
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Kentucky Senator and former Presidential Candidate Rand Paul has been on a Legend of Zelda Live Action Role Play type quest to find the House Republicans’ Health Care Bill. If there’s a single thing gamers know about quests, it’s that your companions can often be the most unlikely kind. In Paul’s case, it is a copy machine.

Senator Paul brought his copy machine with him on this quest for the bill, so he could make copies if he got his hands on it to distribute it to the American people. It appears now the copy machine has taken on a life of its own, and has its own Twitter Handle now: @RandPaulCopier

The account has become a quickly growing account, as Paul has often found an ally in Social Media. The copier as well has found the same ally.

The Twitter profile reads:

Normally I work in senate office. But these days I’m mobile, in search of House leaders’ Obamacare Lite bill, to copy it for the American people

Below are some fantastic Tweets from Rand Paul’s Copier.