Chicago Rapper Loses Faith in Government, Steps Up BIG

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Chicago’s Chance the Rapper has won Grammy awards and high praise early in a career that was solely built through grassroots and social media. His early accolades had not inflated his ego so much to forget to give back to his community. During a press conference from his childhood elementary school, Chance disclosed that he had been meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner to help pass a budget that funds area schools. He then lamented that talks fell apart over the weekend.

Chance, the famously unsigned hip-hop superstar, lost his faith in government. Instead of simply tweeting, he stepped up big and announced a one million dollar donation to the Chicago Public School Foundation. The fund, a charitable organization that improves area schools, matched Chance’s donation 1:10 to give $100,000 directly to local schools. During his press conference, Chance issued a call to action, asking Chicago businesses to step up and donate for the children. 

Chance does not realize it, but his actions show government is not capable of giving back the value that it takes from the individual. He is living proof that voluntaryism can be a reality. This rapper is a hero, a star who has barely made it big and is already stepping up to help people he doesn’t know. If you want your words to garner attention and respect, Chance is a study on how it can be earned. His sincerity and motivations are unquestioned.


Watch the press conference in full:


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