REPORT: Emergency DNC Meeting to “Consider” Hillary Replacement

By: Liberty Laura

David Shuster, journalist for Al Jazeera America and MSNBC, tweeted about a possible emergency meeting within the Democratic National Committee to “CONSIDER replacement” for Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

SEE: Hillary Clinton’s Doctor Says She Has Pneumonia

See tweet here:

  • Ironwoman05

    oh that’s gonna make her mad
    they should call the suicide prevention hotline

    • foghorn_legghorn

      Did you mean the homicide prevention hotline?

  • Lord Publius

    I want to see evidence of this meeting taking place.

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    4 months ago I predicted that in Sept. or Oct., Hillary would drop out of the race, especially if polls showed her declining in numbers, & she would be replaced by Joe Biden or Bloomberg. The result would be: The Repubs have spent the last 18+ months trying to figure out a strategy to defeat Hillary, but they have no research or plan on how to defeat Biden or Bloomberg + the “Feel Sorry” factor of people voting for the Dem as form of solidarity for Hillary who had to “unfortunately” drop out. BOOM, the Dems win the White House.
    Let’s see how good my prediction of 4 months ago turns out. I feel this was all totally planned by the Dems & the One World Order elites months to a year or more ago.

    • ctguy1955

      I agree somewhat, but Biden ? What has He done in the past 8 years
      anyway ? There are so many people like me who have voted
      Democrat all our lives who this one time will vote for Trump.
      I am a Vietnam Era Vet and there are many vets who feel
      the same way I do. I was a IBEW Union Electrician for 35 years
      and there are many Brothers who are voting for Trump and lastly
      the Bernie people will most likely vote for Trump as well.

      Just a guess on my part, but I hope My guess is better than Yours.
      Time will tell

    • Chiara

      what?? I would think Sanders is next in line!!

    • Mike Lutz

      The “establishment” Republicans have spent months to research and plan on defeating Trump, not HRC..
      They would rather have a member of the “good ‘ol boys’ club win…regardless of political stance.

    • Rhonda Rout-Eblin

      I don’t think that will be needed. Because they have already hacked the voting software, and have enormous voter fraud going on, as a back up to the hacked software. The whole govt is corrupt. Dale Gribble was right. They really are out to get us. Especially the “basket of deplorables.”

  • Larry Williams


  • Chuck Gunter

    This just gave me the biggest laugh of the year. Dancing in the street. Does Bernie still have his hammer & sickle in the door?

    • Jared Kelso

      Bernie’s too busy with his third house.

      • You mean the house he bought with the funds of selling his wife’s family home because they could make no use of it? He keeps himself one of the lowest paid men in his position. Show a little respect.

  • jmbw

    Yeah right

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