BREAKING Report: John McAfee Injured In Attack

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Cyber Security Expert John McAfee was scheduled to appear at FreedomFest over the weekend but was hospitalized prior to the event. Reports on Social Media are beginning to indicate that he was attacked.

In place of an appearance at the event, he reportedly addressed the conference over the phone from the hospital on Friday. However the reason for his hospitalization was unknown.

Yesterday on July 22nd, Janice McAfee, the wife of John McAfee tweeted a very concerning statement.

Janice slightly elaborated the following day, stating that John was recuperating from an externally imposed medical issue.

I did call John myself and spoke with him very briefly. He indicated that he was okay and stable, which was the purpose of the call. He did also state that he would like to discuss the situation at a later time.

A source closer with McAfee claims however to have also spoken with him. This source states that an attack took place. Some social media users have speculated the attack was with a knife, but nobody who has spoken with McAfee has made this claim at this point.

Just two days prior to the incident, McAfee had tweeted asking for help in identifying an individual in the background of a picture from a few years ago. McAfee appeared to indicate in the pursuing thread that this individual was a threat.

It is unclear if there is any connection at this time between the individual pictured in McAfee’s tweet and the reported attack.

Update: John McAfee released the following statement on Twitter today:

Update: Statement from Janice McAfee

“Even when we’re surrounded by our enemies we are always safe.”

Liberty Viral will update this article with any developments or changes.

  • tom griffin

    wow,,wtf,,,i just spread it far wide,,

  • MattBracken

    Best wishes, speedy recovery, never quit!

  • AD Curtis

    Hang in there, and get well soon. God bless.

  • Lee Akers Sr.

    Hope he runs for President again.

  • Martin Richardson

    It’s in the air. Can you feel it? The curtain is about to come back.

  • What’d you do to piss the Clintons off?

    • Randje K Randje

      He explained in great detail how the so-called Russian hacking didn’t actually take place. Google it

      • kid_you_not

        Nice! I forgot that. Kudos.

      • David

        No…he said if it appears the Russians did the attack, it was made to look that way, and they probably didn’t do it.

        • Randje K Randje


          • Lard Lad

            Seriously? Have you read the history of this guy. He’s a paranoid, bipolar narcissist, accused of murder, having claimed he could hack the iPhone but later acknowledged he couldn’t but claimed it as a publicity stunt, faked a heart attack while in custody to avoid deportation to the country where he was accused of murder…..

            If you actually listen to his interviews, he claims any teenager could have done the hacking and therefore suggests it wasn’t Russia. He has no evidence one way or another, just claims a generic malware tool could have done it.

            Probably someone he embezzled from put out a hit on him, or relatives of the woman he raped, or man he murdered.

  • User Unknown

    Adding the photo from 2013 does a good job of making people suspicious that this is a fake news article. Just say’n, in case you’ve been on a cave on Mars the last couple years and managed to miss the number of totally fake news sites and articles floating around.

    • Ian Davis

      Because this is a fake news article.

  • Lard Lad

    both John and his wife are certifiably nutty.
    Get well from your anxiety attack soon John.

    Those you stole from are still chasing you. Head down.

    • Joe

      sober up freak… smfh. moron

      • Lard Lad

        when I say “certifiably” I am being literal. There is a certificate declaring him with a mental illness. And then there’s that claim that he could hack the Apple iPhone while he was sitting on his toilet. What John, password123 didn’t work? What are you going to do now. I’m in the security industry. It’s commonly accepted that he’s full of crap, and insane. Back to your bulldozer Joe, there’s stuff to move.

  • Tracy Lewis Collins

    What a freaking surprise. The man he is trying to identify looks Muslim and the attack was with a knife.

    • Neil B

      You can tell his religion from his looks? Do you have any other superpowers?

      • Lee Mouton


        • Lard Lad

          My vision says yer a racist. Bet yer proud of it, no?

    • Chris

      Why would Muslims want to injure McAfee?

  • Josh Tolley

    Last I checked, the murderer of Gregory Faull in Belize has not been found yet. Any ideas John?