Ron Paul Says Republican Control Of Senate Means More Wars Are Coming

Former US Congressman Ron Paul, father of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) celebrated the victory of Republicans taking control of the senate by tweeting a dire prediction. Some are already saying he’s going to be a big liability to his son if the younger Paul decides to run for president.

From Ezra Klein’s 

Here’s the big issue. Both Ron and Rand Paul share a commitment to downsizing America’s involvement in foreign wars. But while Ron is an absolutist more interested in speaking his mind than building allies in the Republican party, Rand is a strategist who’s built a version of foreign policy non-interventionism designed to succeed in the actual Republican party.

This isn’t to say that Rand agrees with Ron on everything and is lying to voters. That doesn’t appear to be true: Rand has long had a different vision of the world than Ron. But not everyone believes that. A number of media reports have already linked Rand and his ideas to Ron’s ideas, each time providing grist for the anti-Rand Paul mill among more hawkish Republicans.

And Rand Paul is already facing an uphill battle on that front. The Republican consensus on foreign policy is considerably more aggressive than Rand’s views are. He’s trying to gently nudge them in a different direction — but the more he’s linked to father’s extreme — and sometimes outright crankish — views, the harder that’s going to be. Ron Paul is toxic among Republican elites, exactly the kind of people Rand needs to win over in his presidential bid.

Which is why things like this tweet are so problematic. For one thing, Ron’s prediction here is kind of crankish: the president, not Congress, will determine whether US soldiers go to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Moreover, he’s implicitly saying that Democrats (as the somewhat less interventionist party) are better if you hold views like his — or Rand’s. When Ron says things like this in a high profile way — say, on election night — it raises questions about Rand-Ron links among exactly the wrong people.

Paul the elder seems to have gotten even crankier in recent years (grumpy, not crazy), what with his very controversial tweets he has made such as when he tweeted “live by the sword, die by the sword,” after famous American sniper Chris Kyle was killed. Paul didn’t sound optimistic about much of anything last night when he started his election coverage by tweeting:

And this: 

Aww come on Ron! There must have been something to celebrate right? It seems so: 

  • JasonPen

    Let’s be honest… More wars are coming no matter which party is in charge…

  • Cole Spivey

    Yep, the U.S. will argue over the lesser of two evils, instead of taking the time to make it in to good.