Russia Makes Move Against Tramp Stamps

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Russian parliament is considering introducing regulations which would scorn women’s lower back tattoos. Tattoo parlors may be forced to warn women that getting ink in their lower backs might make it dangerous to receive anesthesia during childbirth.

The bill forwarded by the Duma (Russian parliament) is seen by the public as an effort to condemn allegedly immoral behavior, but the legislature insists that it’s a public health issue. GlobalVoiceOnline’s research found that many Internet users rallied to support the initiative, “A cute booty without all kinds of painted crap is a lot prettier,” said Aleks3.

The Internet user then posted photographs of women’s lower backs, showing a with and without photo in order to prove that women don’t need a Tramp Stamp.

From GlobalVoicesOnline: 

Another charming lad, who uses the name “Fosnet” and evidently supports the effort to rein in back tattoos on women, declares, “a tattoo on the ass is already evidence of some disability in the head. Childbirth is hardly something to add.”

Russian-language RT shared its coverage of the tattoo story on Vkontakte, Russia’s most popular online social network, where users left almost 200 comments. Again, most of the responses belong to men whose overriding concern is the degree to which a lower-back tattoo signals a woman’s sexual promiscuity. “I think that such tattoos are found on whores and sluts, who, considering their lifestyle, should be banned in principle from having children, as they’ll only give birth to the same kind of people,” writes Alexey Maslov, before adding, “Maybe I’m mistaken.”

Still, Bustle found that ‘according to the Mayo Clinic, a lower back tattoo should only prevent a woman from getting an epidural if “the tattoo is red, swollen or oozing fluid — or if the tattoo is recent and the affected skin is still healing.”’

So really almost no one should be worrying about this issue, especially not the Russian parliament. They’re just anti-tramp stamp, and nobody likes puritanical government officials getting in the way of their sexytime. It’s their hot bodies. Let them do what they want. 

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