Russian Schoolboy Pesters Homeless Man & Gets His A** Kicked

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We here at Liberty Viral are huge fans of what’s known as “Justice Porn,” so we spend a lot of time looking for content all over the Internet to bring you videos and stories in that vein. This video is no different.

A Russian schoolboy is seen harassing a homeless man incessantly, chasing him and agitating him around a parking lot. Finally the homeless man can take it no more and gives the kid a swift a** kicking, which may or may not be child abuse, but can anyone really say they feel bad for the little idiot? Some people deserve exactly what they get no matter how old they are.

Shares 822
  • Ivan Rohde

    Little brat got what he deserved.

  • abbynormal1

    That lesson right there, may save that kid a much more painful lesson in the future.

  • Nick Cochran

    not child abuse. Abuse can only come from caretakers. That was a much needed butt kicking.

  • Creldarix

    Loved seeing it. That is truly justice porn.

  • Alden Smith

    Justice be done