Science! New Study Proves Students Learn More From Hot Teachers

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By: Liberty Laura

A new study published in The Journal of General Psychology at the University of Nevada suggests that the hotter the teacher, the more a student will learn.

Daily Caller reports:

The trio of psychology researchers behind the study — Richard Westfall, Murray Millar and Mandy Walsh — invited 131 college students to listen to a short lecture on the topic of introductory physics.

The lecture itself was only on audio. However, the researchers displayed different photos for the students. For 62 of the students, the photo featured an attractive person. For the other 131 students, the photo featured some ugly person.

The researchers told each set of students that the photo on display was the professor the students were hearing in the audio.

The material presented by the professors — “professors” — was identical. Also, the researchers did not allow their research subjects to take any notes.

Of the 131 students participating in the study, 86 were women and 45 were men. Their average age was 20.

A panel of students decided that the people featured in the photos were attractive and unattractive. (The student panel did not contain any of the students who participated in the study.)
The photos of the “professors” featured both males and females.

After the cohorts of students heard the introductory physics lecture — from either a beautiful person or an ugly person, as far as they knew — the researchers gave the students a 25-question quiz about the material.

“Consistent with the predictions; attractive instructors were associated with more learning,” the researchers reported.

The students also gave higher ratings to the lectures they thought they had just received from better-looking professors — and lower ratings to the same lecture they thought they got from an ugly professor. Students said the same lecture from a hot professor was more likely to “motivate” them, for example.

Works for me.


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  • TreeTrimmerJim

    When learning is measured be doing, to know and not to have done is not to know yet.

    Garbage can education is when a professor/teacher says something and the students can pick out what was said from 4 choices. As if stepping on the peddle to open a garbage can will yield what ever has been dumped in.