Scumbag Convention 2017 in Charlottesville Goes as Planned…

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By Nate Cole

White supremacists, ANTIFA, and Black Lives Matter has been going at it for a few days now in Charlottesville and the only thing that could make this better is if all of the participants succeeded in eliminating each other.

Apparently a bunch of drunk rednecks were mad as hell when they found out confederate monuments were being removed. Apparently it’s O.K. if blacks are unjustifiably shot but if you take away statues commemorating traitors that have been dead for almost 100 years then it’s time to revolt and finally do something other than shop at Walmart.

ANTIFA decided that they were going to antagonize these rednecks because you know… ANTIFA is filled with a bunch of Authoritarians who believe political opponents should be hurt or arrested for free speech that hurts their feelings. Black Lives Matter got word of ANTIFA being bused and flown in to Chancellorsville.

Once BLM and ANTIFA arrived you basically had three of the biggest groups of scumbags in America in one spot. Ironically all of these groups do the exact same thing: They race bait 24/7 and blame each other for the country’s problems.

Instantly there was tension. Right Wingers were shouting racial slurs while ANTIFA was trying to get past the cops so they could inflict physical violence. BLM surprisingly just spent the first day coming up with catchy chants about killing cops. In fact they were more concerned about talking crap to the police there than the actual protesters. They spent the majority of the time antagonizing and making fun of the law enforcement that were suppose to protect the protesters. Once ANTIFA infiltrated the protest side all hell broke loose. But the rednecks got the last laugh when someone on their side and killed one of the members of ANTIFA by driving a car in to the crowd. James Alex Fields Jr. is accused of being behind the wheel. He was reported screaming “NIGGERRRRRRRRRRS!” before ramming the car into the crowd.

Even though someone has died these scumbags are still fighting in Charlottesville. Not even DEATH will stop stupidity. I really hope to God someone starts a gofundme page to fund muskets for every single participant in these “protests”. If they want to fight a Civil War II, they can, without the rest of us sane people. The only thing we can hope for is that ANTIFA and the KKK read up on the Bill of Rights and realize their beliefs are more suitable in counties like North Korea.

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  • Charles Martel Infidel-Goy

    The night before the main protest, about 700 alt-Right guys, mostly young and fit men, took Tiki torches and marched through campus to the statue they were defending, chanting “you will not replace us” and “jews will not replace us”. About 20 leftists had formed a human chain around the statue, chanting “no nazis, no kkk, no fascist USA”. There was no police presence.

    If the alt-Right were all about violence, why didn’t these 700 strapping young guys slaughter the leftists? No offense to the left, but most of them were of ambiguous gender, soyboys, etc., who certainly deserve sympathy for their indeterminate sexuality but could not defend themselves even in a 1-on-1 fight. And the individuals could have gotten away with it just as antifas get away with serious crimes by blending in with the group.

    Instead, all they did was shout against their replacement. Since the State is trying to replace White people with forced mass migration and denying Whites freedom of association (e.g. in housing, in employment, in whom to do business with–and Austin Petersen, to his credit, has spoken out in favor of free association!), this is certainly compatible with libertarianism.

    Every important alt-Right opinion leader, from Richard Spencer to Mike Enoch to Jason Kessler, repeatedly commanded participants never to engage in aggressive violence, not to bring firearms, etc. Can you name one far left guy (antifa, BLM, etc.) who told his “comrades” not to start violence?

  • Rainbowstew

    In the 3rd paragraph, you have “Chancellorsville” instead of “Charlottesville”. (Compliments of your friendly local proofreader.)

  • Ed

    Since when does defending yourself against people who call themselves “government” make you a traitor?