Sheriff Explains Why His Police Need Military Hardware To Use Against Local Citizens

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Police forces around the country have been getting free military hardware for use against citizens in their towns. One local sheriff gleefully explains why he thinks he needs mine resistant vehicles for police work.

“For me it’s all about officer safety,” Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox says. “It’s getting the officers to these SWAT call-out safely, and getting them home safely.”

“I think us having (the MRAP) in that barn is much better than the federal government leaving it rusting on a cement slab somewhere in Texas or Virginia or wherever these may be sitting,” Sheriff Cox said.

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  • Chad Dolloff

    Yeah cause sooo many swat officers are dying on the way to and from calls.

  • It’s all fun and games until it breaks down and they have to foot the repair bill.

  • Teerexness

    Last time I looked, cops (or soldiers, for that matter) aren’t even in the top 10 of most dangerous jobs. If safety was the goal, these “surplus” vehicles should be going to farmers, truck drivers and loggers. But that’s not what’s really going on here, is it Sheriff Cox?

  • Teerexness

    And, I think most cops (like the rest of us) are killed in traffic accidents. With that in mind, these state sponsored super humans should have any involvement in the use of motor vehicles stopped immediately. It’s paramount to their safety, after all.

  • Most officer shootings, AND police shootings of innocent citizens, occur while enforcing unconstitutional Federal drug Prohibition. Don’t tolerate the lawlessness. Either pass a Prohibition amendment, or abolish the DEA.