This Tear-Jerking Video Of Socialist Venezuela Is Going Viral

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By: Liberty Danny

The Government of Venezuela is causing the nation to fall apart. It has successfully divided its people into believing the false dichotomy of red and blue. The socialist have won over the people to big government and politicians promising to bring welfare to all. Treating the government as if it were a religion itself. I don’t need to say much. this video from Pero Like says it all. All I can I say is that liberty brings love, while socialism kills. I say this with tears in my eyes.

Danny Kyle

Idaho boy who grew up loving the world as Jesus loving hippy. now. Liberty is bae. i do my best to promote the love movement, the three fold voluntary infatuation and inundation of Jesus, Pro Life and Libertarianism. Live and let love, love and seek life. boarding is my thang but i don't mind meeting new people, chicken wang. get at me fam. let love, liberty and property abound.
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  • Doc Holiday

    This will be Hillary’s America