Spotlight on a (l)ibertarian: Amy Hedtke

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Project Veritas calls her a “citizen journalist”, or government watchdog. The article highlighting her that she likes the best calls her an “anarchist/Republican activist”, and at one point compares her to Marilyn Monroe. Originally, she was a “nice conservative home school mom”.

She’s held some local positions, such as on a Parks Board and Library Board. She’s run for school board without intending to win (which let her demand a recount to show a strategic practice of “undervoting”), and she was an alternate delegate for Santorum and Trump with no intention to vote for either (initially attracted to the process by Ron Paul). Although she doesn’t vote for candidates, she does push back on ballot initiatives.

She seems to love using the rules of institutions she despises against them. She’s smart, sassy, and wears sexy boots.

She’s advocated primarily for greater transparency in government and the parties which rule it, showing how the sausage is made in order to ruin one’s appetite for the state.

Her name is Amy Hedtke, and we talked to her outside of the 2017 RNC Summer Meeting in Nashville, where she was keeping track of what was going on for those who couldn’t personally attend or trust the official pronouncements to be both true and complete. What she has been allowed to live stream, she has.

The first night saw a social aboard the General Jackson Showboat on the river, for attendees to mingle. Fittingly, it was named for a nationalistic, xenophobic, populist Democrat President capable of destroying a major political party. The kind who’s authoritarian enough to exert pressure on his own party to keep them in line. The following was from that first night…

Liberty Viral (LV): This is liberty getting defined, talking to Amy Hedtke, libertarian activist. Could I ask you to describe what your personal political philosophy is?

Amy Hedtke: My personal political philosophy is anarchism. Individual. The individual is the foundation of society, and as such, that’s where the rules come from, and where they need to stop.

LV: Do you find any conflict between concepts of anarchy and working within the Republican Party, primary?

Amy Hedke: There are a lot of problems and conflicts. If I were trying to apply what I do to the Republican Party, there would be too many conflicts to do it. For me, I basically look at it as, as an anarchist… I have the right to defend myself. I have the right to act in my own defense. And when you’re dealing with the mafia thug… government… there’s a lot of tactics to take to defend yourself, and they don’t always necessarily result in complete freedom, but you might be able to save some of your property, keep some of your stuff from being stolen.

LV: So it’s more of a pragmatic approach?

Amy Hedtke: Sometimes, yeah. I don’t have to… I’m not going to compromise away my… I’m not going to vote for somebody, because that would be sanctioning putting someone in charge over another person. Unless I know that whoever I’m voting for is an anarchist that is basically just going to leave everyone alone, and right now, the only person I know like that who is ever on my ballot is me. I can vote for myself, because I know I’m not going to bust the NAP…

LV: Right, don’t want to bust the NAP.

Amy Hedtke: Otherwise, it’s voting a blank ballot.

LV: Could you give a brief summary of what you’re probably best known for, with the rhymes and the bubble gum down in Austin?

Amy Hedtke: Oh my gosh. That recent arrest back in March garnered a ton of, at least alternative media support. We still haven’t gotten a lot of reactions from traditional media at all. But with this arrest over recording an open government meeting… I didn’t stop recording when they told me to, and I stuck with the old Texas open meetings act. They dragged me out of the room. When I refused to leave, they put me under arrest, and charged me with criminal trespassing. I do still have to fight the criminal trespassing charges, and that is September 5th.

We also filed suit against Byron Cook, DPS, and the Sergeant at Arms, who ordered DPS to act. So we have won a temporary injunction against all three of them from being able to prohibit me from recording during any of these meetings. So even though the special session is over, if he calls an interim meeting of his committee, I can go down there and record it, and he cannot prevent me from recording it. They have filed an appeal, they want to be able to prevent me from recording, and we’re waiting to see how that goes. But the actual civil trial on that is October 16th. Open meetings act on trail October 16th.

LV: One more thing. What number boots are these in your series?

(Points at the following boots):

Amy Hedtke: Oh my gosh. These are pair number five. They’re basically just cheap plastic and vinyl, but I’ve stuck some extra tread on them, and I’ve put real miles on them between block walking, and conventions and meetings.

The next day was the first day of more official business in Nashville, so we caught up with her (online this time) for a followup about the actual event during the Open Press Rules Committee meeting.

LV: What, if anything, do you feel will be accomplished at this event? What kinds of issues will the RNC likely address? Who is doing the most to set it’s policy agenda?

Amy Hedtke: This meeting is the first “real” meeting for laying groundwork for rules amendments that they want to see adopted at the next National Convention. Anyone interested in being a delegate at the 2020 Convention should be attending these meetings and building relationships w/ members on the Rules Committee. We’ll see the first amendments offered at the Winter meeting in January. Policy is being set and VETTED by the White House, and the RNC won’t approve any actual grassroots propositions unless they are already in lockstep w/ what the White House wants. You can hear a lot of this for yourself via the Open Press Rules Committee mtg that I am streaming at this very minute, in fact, lol.

Our purpose in attending the meetings is to watchdog the policies implemented, teach others about what is going on, and share the info w/ our local peeps back home who can’t take off a week of work to get to these things.

Stay tuned to Liberty Viral for the latest updates the Open Meetings Act, on trial in Texas on October 16th. Get tuned into Amy Hedtke’s facebook for the latest on RNC shenanigans in Nashville this week.

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