Spy Games: Kim Jong-Un’s Brother’s Assassination Caught on Video


Malaysian officials have released CCTV tapes from the airport where Kim Jong-Nam was poisoned. The video shows the North Korean dictator’s brother casually walking around the airport and checking departure schedules before stopping for a moment outside of a restaurant. There, one woman grabs the attention of Kim while another moves in quickly from his back for the attack. The second attacker, a woman in white, seemingly grabs her victim by the face. Originally thought to have been stuck with a needle, the video appears to show the woman in white poisoning Kim with a cloth.

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The autopsy has not been released, but two women have been arrested in connection with the assassination. The woman in white, dubbed “The LOL woman” because of the shirt she was wearing during the attack is thought to be 28 year old Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, seen here:

Just as we alleged, the South Korean government has now officially blamed the attack on Kim Jong-Un and the DPRK. Mr. Dear Leader has a penchant for killing his own family, but the reasons for his brother’s murder are still unknown. Jong-Nam, the hermit who did not want any power or dealings with the regime, has been in exile since his father’s death.

Check out the video footage below: