Black Guns Matter to White People,…or At Least They Should.

Fellow white people, we need to speak about the Second Amendment. It’s one of my favorites, but let’s not pretend that we all love it because there are plenty of white folks who believe the second amendment is the thing keeping our country from being less violent. They’re wrong, but this article isn’t about them.

Court Rules Banning Gun Sales to Medical Marijuana Card Holders is Constitutional

Written By: Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor –  Follow Grant on Twitter @GrantDeltz The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which holds jurisdiction over nine states in the Western United States, including California, has ruled that a federal government ban on gun sales to medical marijuana card holders does not violate the Second Amendment. The

Congressman Thomas Massie SLAMS Paul Ryan Over Upcoming Gun Control Vote

By: Jeff Caldwell House Speaker Paul Ryan made an announcement on a June 30 conference call stating there is going to be a “counterterrorism package” vote the following week. The package is allegedly going to include a provision that, according to Ryan, helps prevent terrorists from purchasing a weapon. At 9:48 pm central time on

Gas Station Offers Discount to Concealed Carry Permit Holders

By: Jeff Caldwell A Shell gas station at 400 South Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota has been robbed twice over the past three months, so the owner came up with an ingenious way to help solve the problem. Store Owner, Frank Schwagel, has a sign posted on the glass door that reads, “Gas discount for ‘Law Enforcement’ or people

Bring Your Gun To This Restaurant For 10% Off!

PORT ALLEN, LA – A restaurant in Louisiana is offering their patrons a 10% discount if customers bring a gun to their Cajun joint. The restaurant started the promotion a couple of weeks ago and patrons who show their weapon will receive the discount. Bergeron’s owner Kevin Cox said to NBC33, “I just need to

Crazy Gun Fights! Korean Merchants Understood What The 2nd Amendment Was For.

An older video from the 1993 L.A. riots is circulating and spurring discussion about the toughness of the Korean shop owners who bravely defended their lives and property during the chaos and looting. The Korean merchants can be seen in news footage wielding their sidearms and firing back at gang members who confront them while