The Power of Persuasion: An Adam Kokesh Story

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly I remember the night Adam Kokesh had his reputation begin to spiral down. I was with him when it happened. People that evening on Facebook having seen pictures I had posted from that night messaged me to ask me what had happened. I was confused. I

Adam Kokesh Offers Bernie Sanders $250,000 For Two Hour Debate

By: Alex Furman Follow Alex on Twitter @Elvisandhismom and Facebook @Taxationistheftguy Roger Ver aka ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ and Adam Kokesh are teaming up in an effort to get Senator Bernie Sanders to accept a formal, two hour debate with Kokesh himself. The topic is Socialism vs. Libertarianism, and Mr. Ver is offering $250,000 of his own money to charity