Video Goes VIRAL After Black Brothers Speak Out Against White Privilege

By: Laura Meyers From North Carolina, brothers Chris and Joel Hayes made a webcam recording of themselves speaking out against white privilege. Last month, they posted a video explaing why they support Donald Trump. This time, the two gentlemen explained why they don’t support the militant notion of “white privilege.” “So where did we get this

This Video Of Al Sharpton’s Teleprompter Flubs Will Definitely Make You Laugh

The Washington Free Beacon produced a hilarious video featuring Al Sharpton’s teleprompter flubs. This short 1:21 second video is definitely worth a share to annoy your weirdo liberal friends!

Al Sharpton on MSNBC: “Rand Paul Is Right,” Hillary Clinton Better Step Up Her Game

Reverend Al Sharpton appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Sharpton praised Senator Rand Paul’s stance on the militarization of police, claiming that he was right in stating that we’ve gone too far. He also suggests that Hillary Clinton will have to step up her game if she’s going