Alex Jones Triggered by Wikileaks’ Lack Of “October Surprise”

Written by Kody Fairfield Co-Host Of Liberty Coast 2 Coast, Follow On Twitter @K0D_4 Early Tuesday morning, many people found themselves glued to their computer screens as they awaited Wikileaks supposed celebration of their 10 year anniversary, and the “October Surprise” that was to befall Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton. Nobody was more excited for this announcement than founder

Hilarious: Alex Jones Says “Gay” A Lot [VIDEO]

By: Jeff Caldwell, II I have uncovered top-secret government documents detailing Alex Jones‘ waffling desire within the gay community. No, actually here is another two-minute video of Alex Jones losing his mind.

Alex Jones vs. Jimmy Kimmel Over Hillary Clinton Pickle “Can-spiracy”

Written by: Kody Fairfield Co-Host Liberty Coast 2 Coast  Follow On Twitter: @K0d_4 On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hillary Clinton was “tested” on the condition of her health by opening a jar of pickles. Conspiracy radio host Alex Jones of jumped to try to prove a pickle “can-spiracy.” [youtube] Jimmy Kimmel returned fire by roasting Alex Jones during

Transgender YouTube Star Receives Death Threats For Being Libertarian

By: Daniel Kyle Follow Daniel on Twitter at @fallstarsvow Meet Blaire White, the libertarian transgender woman who is blowing up the internet. She’s been a critic of third wave feminism, the epidemic of BLM and the left’s agenda with the LGBT community in defining (ironically) Transgenderism. Blaire found plenty of support when it came to expressing her

Woah! Alex Jones And Young Turks Host Nearly Throw Punches At RNC [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura  This is not a conspiracy: