Man Kills Turtle With A Hammer, Claims Self-Defense [VIDEO]

By: Liberty Laura Terry Wayne Washington, 55, was charged Tuesday with cruelty to a non-livestock animal after bystanders on the Lady Bird Lake Trail witnessed him beat a turtle to death with a hammer last month. Two joggers told police they watched Washington fishing, struggling to reel in what they thought was a large fish. Instead

Whiny, Crying Vegetarian Liberal Gives Nutty Speech In Chicken Restaurant

An emotional woman walked into a dining room and gave an impassioned speech about a “little girl named Snow,” who just happens to be a chicken. Kelly Atlas, a California based activist of Direct Action Everywhere is an animal liberationist, and her viral video stunt to raise awareness about “speciesism” is firing up the hearts

This One Photo Shows Why Some Animal Rights Activists Are All Kinds Of Stupid

A woman who saw a picture of famous director Steven Spielberg posing with a fake triceratops from his movie Jurassic Park thought it was from a real hunt. What she said will convince you that humanity is pretty much over and done with. Maybe someone needs to remind Penelope that the Triceratops has been extinct