Woman Eaten Alive By Tiger In Beijing [VIDEO]

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Death Two women were attacked and one was killed by a tiger at Badaling wildlife park in Beijing, China over the weekend. The females had been involved in an argument when they exited the vehicle in a tiger enclosure, triggering the animals’ instinct to kill. CCTV footage captured the moment where a Siberian tiger

Two Jerks Picked On Her Kittens, So She Gave Them The Claw

A heroic cat saved her kittens from two aggressive men who were harassing them. This video is so satisfying to watch that we’ve probably looped it over and over maybe 50 times here at Liberty Viral’s Happening Bunker. Don’t you just love swift justice?

Soldiers throwing grenades kill a dog [VIDEO]

Soldiers in a training exercise with live grenades killed a dog that had wandered into the live fire field. The video appears to be from the Chinese military, and it is believed that the animal had wandered out into the field unknowingly.

Mysterious Predatory Glow Worm Discovered In Peru

A nature photographer found a mysterious predatory glow worm while taking pictures in the Peruvian jungle. The animal was spotted when Jeff Cremer discovered tiny little green pricks of light shining green in the night and brought them to the attention of local entomologists. Aaron Pomerantz, an entomologist who works with a rainforest expedition company

Watch Ferocious Guard Dog Chasing Down Man Trespassing On Private Property

Video from South Africa has emerged of a man getting swift justice from a ferocious guard dog protecting it’s owner’s private property. The obviously cracked out loser was poking around where he didn’t belong and got busted by the super pooch, who chases him over the fence in this hilarious video. The action begins around

Death Match: Lucky Dog Escapes From Python’s Grip

KARNATAKA, INDIA – Video from India shows a dog whose encounter with python allowed him to live another day. The owners spotted the dog in the snake’s death grip and managed to save it by beating the python with leafy branches. The Telegraph of England reported on this story, which has spread across the globe with

PETA Stole These People’s Dog Off Their Front Porch And Euthanized It

ACCOMACK COUNTY, VA – A young girl is devastated after she learned that her pet chihuahua Maya was killed by members of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Security cameras from outside the house show two women emerging from a van marked PETA, taking the dog off the porch and putting Maya in

PETA Activists Are Going To Freak When They See People Murdering The Hell Out Of These Animals

Rats are becoming immune to poison these days. Thankfully, there are plenty of pesticide free options available to rid yourself of the rats. Just shoot the sh*t out of them! Poison Free Pest Control uploaded a video of themselves using state-of-the-art equipment to hunt and kill the rodents. What kind of equipment? In their words: .177

This “Breaking Bad” Police Puppy In A Bulletproof Vest Is Melting Hearts

Boston.com is reporting on a police pup who was photographed with a bulletproof vest for K-9’s. The little pooch will be the newest addition to the Boston Police Department’s officer lineup. The vest comes from a non-profit group which donates this type of life-saving gear to police departments. Massachusetts Vest-A-Dog helps with vests, training, equipment and provides

This Cop Sweetly Calls A Dog To Him Before He Blasts It With His Handgun

Officers in Cleburne, Texas admitted that it was one of their own in a video showing a policeman whistling to call a dog over before he shoots it. The family of the dog is questioning why the officer decided to shoot it. “I see a murder,” Henderson said. “I see him murdering my puppy, our family…