Trump Requests Audience To Pray For The Apprentice Ratings [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Watch President Donald Trump make jokes during the annual National Prayer Breakfast today. This is savage to say the least. Trump calls out Arnold Schwarzenegger for The Apprentice ratings.  Then he says he wants to pray for Arnold to help his ratings for the show. Ha! Nothing wrong with wishing

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Pollution Kills More People than War [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura In a recent video shared by ATTN: on Facebook, actor and former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger explains how “7 million people die every year worldwide because of pollution-related illnesses.” He calls for politicians to do something about it. Check it out:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants Gary Johnson in the Debates

By: Jeff Caldwell, II Former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, just came out in support for allowing Libertarian presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, in the debates! Recently, we saw Mitt Romney come out in favor of the same proposition. SEE: Mitt Romney Tweets: “I Hope Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are On Debate Stage” Hopefully the trend of